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Where is everyone? Did the server change?

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Last time I played was about half a year ago, I recently returned to the game and went to the Airfield where I could "hopefully" supply up all the way and meet new people..

To my surprise, I didn't see anyone for hours. On a place where it used to be crowded. Maybe the server is dying (which I doubt), Also the tents used to be full of supplies no matter what time or day, now it's as empty as it can be. Also the camp itself kind of changed if I'm correct.

Could anyone inform me of other such related changes to the server / map and inform me of other places to meet new people?


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People are all over the place as of late, the triangle always has people. The Kabanino, Stary/Novy Sobor, Vybor and so on. Settlement wise sometimes The Regulators are on the prison island, nasinec are in green mountain (Or claim to be).

Map has changed a little bit since half a year ago. This is everything that changed in the 6.2 update: http://www.dayztv.com/pic/dayz-0-62-map-changes-heatmap-difference-from-0-61/

Tents do spawn gear still at northwest, just depends when you go there really. If there is literally nothing there maybe someone has come in just before you.

Everyone has those days where you can't find anyone, just depends on servers times and such. Around 6pm-2am GMT servers are 60/60 so going into the night for me. You can find player count by looking here, so maybe the server was a little empty due to everyone being asleep or such.

The server hasn't died or anything you're probably just getting unlucky with people and/or the wrong time to be on to actively look for people.

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Well, most people hang around the triangle area still (Vybor-Novy Sobor) and there are also a lot of different people hanging around settlements, but I mostly find the most people around the Stary Sobor area. I normally go onto the website and check the home page, of how many that are actually online before hopping on, if I want to roleplay I want there to actually be people on the sever; which there are most of the time.

For the loot; NWAF still has good loot spawns, but it all just depends on the luck you are having, before there were more loot drops. Now there are fewer, which I believe to be a good thing, seeing how we don't want it to be extremely easy to gear up.

I would recommend you to look at the changelogs if you haven't played in a while.

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Well there are a few locations. Up north is always a safe bet but you need to know where to find them. The triangle is another spot but here lately it's a little devoid of the numbers it once was. You can still find people  but it takes a bit longer.

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Assuming that you mean in terms of population you have to remember that it is the 4th of July weekend for the American populous that play on the server.  Lots of people are visiting families amongst other things.  If you do mean in terms of people in-game, well... refer to above.

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Hello @Devlol

I see that there is some answeres here that might help you! If you think they do, dont forget to solve the thread by marking the most helpful question!

Below is a guide on how to solve if you do not understand how to do it.


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