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Something's coming, something big. [Open freq.]

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*Brian walks outta his tent and walks to the edge of the cliff, he turns around and admires his camp, he presses his PTT*

"Hello people of Chernaurus, it's your *friendly* neighborhood Children of Eden. We've been off the grid for awhile, that's because we've got up and moved our entire camp. It took a few weeks you know? Anyways. God spoke to me last night and he told me that something's coming. Something big. He doesn't know what, but the Children of Eden must start the cleansing."

*Brian yells and Mick to bring the new captees over to him*

"Sorry about that, anyways, people of Chernaurus, the Children of Eden are gonna cleanse your souls, and let me tell you, sweeties, it's gonna be hell these next few weeks. Y'all better start professing your fate and repenting, unless you want this rusty axe of mine through your skull. Something's coming people, something big."

*Brian pulls out his bible and recites a few words*

"This is god's path for us,

It's the one we shall follow,

We follow it to death,

And repent and the edge of the Garden of Eden.

*Brian turns the captees in front of him, pulls out his axe, and releases the PTT*

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*Mary listens to the transmission as she admires the view and bursts into laughter and presses the PTT button*

"You do realises that something big has already happened it's the apocalypse you can't get any bigger then that. You remind me of one of those guys at the end of a street when the world was decent screaming The end of the world is coming."

*starts laughing again then continues*

"Whats so big that's going to happen know. You can't get any worse then an infected trying to eat your face. I mean if death is your big happening at this point it might be a mercy. Continue preaching the end of the world has come but let me tell you a secret it's already here"

*laughing she realises the PTT button"

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* Austin would grab his radio rolling his eyes as he holds down the ptt*

" To be honest after the crusaders I'm not really sure anyone's gonna be to worried about you. At least they made a name for themselves before they left for god knows where. Thank god a good catholic like myself was able to avoid their wrath. Anyway I don't think you should try much as it seems to just be a way to get yourself killed but I'm always looking for a new gear. Anyway enough big dicking . One last thing , why is your axe rusty , you should clean it. Proper weapon cleaning practices man, always gotta clean blade and a sharp Edge"

* he would pocket his radio feeling satisfied and manly *

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*Brian smirks and grabs his radio and presses his PTT*

"The reason it's rusty, is because even if I decide to brute force it into your skull, you'll probably end up with about 4 diseases, either tetnis, or one from the dried blood from the one's who've been dicked down before you"

*Brian laughs at what he says and drops his radio in his tent*

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*A lightly tinted southern voice comes over the radio.*

"Shhhhh. Shh, shh... you hear that?"

*Theres a pause.*

"No, you hear that??"

*He snorts.*

"Its the sound of people fucking laughing at you, kid. We're more likely to die of hyperventilation than your pitiful self. Go sit in the corner, bible thumper, continue eating your paste and crayons. You ain't welcome here."

*Another pause*

"Also, if you're hitting people in the head with your axe and they ain't dying, I think you gotta take your limp ass elementary school kid frame and pump some fucking weights, Jesus..."


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[Donny is sleeping when the drone of the preacher comes through the radio, agitated Donny picks up the radio and holds down the PTT]

"Are you threatening me? Well i guess i better start repenting before you and your little fucking children come after me. Oooh real fuckin scary."

*Donny sits up on his bed*

"If I hear about this shit in person, were gonna get along just fine.."

[Donny releases the PTT]

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