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Settlement 101 (open freq.)

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Idole    179

*Mary listens and presses the PTT button*

"Hi I'm sorry to say this but I haven't seen anyone there in awhile. I might be wrong but I believe it's a ghost town know"

*releases PTT button*

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DerSchnitzler    389

*Andy, switching through frequencies, listens and once the transmission ended, he holds down the PTT button*

"Yeah, been there not too long ago. Shit's completely fucked. Nothing and noone is there. Also, you need help you said? What kind of help?"

*He releases the PTT button and packs his radio in his pocket*

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IceSnipe    1

*Frost presses down the send button on his radio and begins to speak as he slides his knife out of his boot admiring the lady infront of him*

*last I heard of this 101 place, the place was long forgotten, what kind of help are talking about here? any specific kind of help your needing? maybe make it abit more..."clear"*

*he takes a deep breathe as he runs the knife along his left fore arm, smiling, starting to speak again*

*Maybe if you define the help you need I may lend a hand, depends on the type, time and urgency*

*Frost releases the send button, still sliding the knife along his fore arm pondering past events, awaiting reply*

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LewellynMoss    77

Hearing the broadcast, Charlie lets out a wheezy laugh before replying 

"That place is dead as shit. Pretty sure everyone there got fucked up. It was like the Rwandan genocide 2.0 from what I hear. Anyways, best look for help elsewhere."

Releasing the PTT, Charlie sets the radio aside

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