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Morgun Scared[Open Frequency]

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*Morgun sits in a building at night, shivering from the cold and fear, he pulls out the old battered radio he found not to long ago and presses the PTT*

"Hel...hello wadio... Morgun scared.....and hurt"

*He lets go of the PTT for a second, grasping at his side, where blood has been pooling out slowly. He presses the PTT again*

"Morgun don't know where anybody is...but Morgun iz scared"

*While still holding onto the PTT, he starts losing it, starting to cry*

"Morgun.....Morgun doesn't want to die!...Somebody pwease help me! Victoria?! Bwady?! Anybody?! Are you there?! Is.... anybody out there...?

*Morgun takes a deep breath trying to compose himself, but fails to do so*

"Morgun... tired..."

"Morgun... want...to sleep"

*Morgun, crying, lets go of the PTT, leans his head back against the wall, staring at the door in front of him making sure nothing gets in, but struggling to keep his eyes open*


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*Jacket smashes his PTT button with his thumb, pressing it and talking in a fast manner the moment he finishes boiling the thoughts over wat he just heard, thinking to himself while talking.
Apparently he had been sitting on this frequency*


Are you still there?




Where are you?

*Jacket lets go of the PTT button*

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