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Donny    18

If a me and a friend both have a fucntional radio, are we then allowed to talk on your TS or are we only allowed to use Dayz Radio Chatter?

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Galaxy    336
Posted (edited)

You don't need a functional radio to use teamspeak, but teamspeak is seen as a radio for IC sense other than being telepathic.

If you are taken hostage and your radio is taken off you, you can not use that radio since your pretend or physical radio is gone, but once the situation is over and/or passed you can reuse your radio. 

Be real with it though, having your hands up you'd struggle to use a radio and if you do this it is meta-gaming.

For the DayZ radio chatter, no you don't need a functioning radio to use it.

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Saradomin    332

As staded by galaxy, you actually do not even need a radio to be able to use teamspeak. You can use teamspeak at anytime as long as you are not surrendering, being a hostage and so on, as it says in the following rule: 

  • 11.3 You may not use or give any information about your killer or the location of your body after you are dead, unconscious, when surrendering (F2 animation), handcuffed or have had your radio removed from your character.
  • 11.4 If you are frisked or searched for items you must give away all items that are available on your character. For example you may not "hide" one radio if you had two and only one was taken, you can't have concealed weapons, grenades etc.

Personally I suggest talking on both teamspeak and in game when talking "on the radio" to make the game more immersive both for you and for others.

You do not have to be strictly in character when using teamspeak either. If you and your friend just logged on you can use teamspeak just to simple chat, or ask "where are you" and so on. 

Teamspeak is also great for ooc stuff, like just sitting and talking to your friend.





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Phoenix    1034

You can always use teamspeak. it's a way to chat with friends and whatever. If you're ingame, you can still talk OOC in teamspeak.
You also don't need walkietalkies to be allowed to speak with a friend. Everyone has an invisible radio on them that they spawn with.
If your radio is taken, you can't speak IC over teamspeak anymore and for instance give locations out to friends, etc.

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