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To Shane (Private Freq)

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*Brady would press down on the PTT*

Hey its Brady! So like, Brady talk to Lo and all them and they say your kinda mad at Brady and all that stuff, but like there is no reason to be mad! Brady dont do nothing!

*You would hear him laughing*

Well listen, Brady can get this guy Alexei for you real easy OK? Just make sure not to touch Brady or any of his friend, cause if you do Brady will be really upset. Also, when Brady bring this Alexei guy to Shane, Shane better not have no fucking attitude with Brady either. Otherwise it will end up like the Red Wedding ok?

*He would release the PTT and take a deep breath*

*He would press the PTT*

Just tell Brady when your ready to stop hiding from him and he will bring Alexei to you.

*He would release the PTT*

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*The frequency comes to life with a soft click.*

"Who said anything about... hiding? That would require me cowering."

*There's a pause.*

"Can't cower from something that doesn't scare you."

*Another pause, as he clears his throat. Two bumps might be heard, like a car driving over train tracks.*

"Give me a few days, we'll talk IF you can get Alexei. In binds. Seems he, like you, has... friends."

*Another pause.*

"But he has one less since his last meeting with me..."


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