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A Question about persistence

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I Have a few questions regarding to persistence of items.

How long do items such as hoes, garden lime and weapons stay on the ground before disappearing? What about backpacks and protector cases?

I'm asking this for my char after the wipe, he's gonna have a house somewhere in Chernarus, and I was wondering if I can drop my backpack and weapon in the house, for the time I am in there, so that they don't disappear.

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Hey there~

Last I was aware, protector cases could go as long as a week without player interaction before despawning where as backpacks you could get up to a few hours at best. 

I would not trust leaving basic gear like the things you mentioned unattended for too long though as they are much more likely to despawn themselves after shorter period of time.

As usual, tents and barrels are your safest bets for long term gear storage.

All of this is based off of what I have personally experienced in recent patches, 0.62 I am still experimenting around with to find out


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Hello! After some research, I found this.


  • Tents/Barrels/protectorcases and other storage items: 7 Days 
  • Backpacks: 4 Hours
  • Crafted Bags: 1 Hour
  • Other Crafted Items: 5 Minutes
  • All Other Items 30 Minutes


This is without player interaction, so if you go to move your barrel of fill it with items every other day, it would last longer.


Hope this helps.


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Oh okay, thanks both of you! So protector cases are ideal, as you can hide them inside of furniture, to make the furniture usable.

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Good day Uhka.

This is the latest information given about Persistence in DayZ.

Please note that it is about 6 Months old and there hasn't been a long time passed in 0.62 to give reliable feedback on it.

1. 45 Days - Tents
2. 24 Days - Barrels
3. 8 Days - Containers (Ammo box & Protector Case)
4. 4 Hours - Backpacks (Non-Crafted only)
5. 30min - Everything else (guns/axe/ammo/food/crafted backpacks/ect)
6. 10min - Dead Bodies

As a somewhat veteran acquirer of items in DayZ I am fairly familiar with Barrels and Protector Cases.

My current stash has been up since 3 days after 0.62 was implemented and neither of the storage items have despawn.

Though I do interact with them within at least 3 or 4 days at a time.

Hope this helps.

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Happy that you liked the answers. If you feel that your question has been aswered, please mark the most useful answer, as shown in this guide.

Thank you.

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