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I think I have two daughters.. [OPEN FREQ]

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*Endeavour can be seen sitting in cell not knowing where he is, he looks very confused he feels around into his jacket and pulls out his radio and figures out how to use it and he presses the PTT*


*Very loud and horrible coughing can be heard coming from the radio*


Eh. fuck.

Can anyone hear me?

I dont know where I am..

I think my name is Western or something...?

Does anyone know who I am..? I can't remember anything really.

All I can remember is my daughters, and I can't remember their names...


*coughing can be heard*

*goes silent*

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*Daley presses the PTT Button*

" Two daughters eh....

Cheers for that cocker...."

*The radio would fall silent, as Daley shots over to Cuddles " GET THE BOYS TOGETHER "*

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*Clicks on PTT*

"So your saying an ugly cunt like you has had sex... twice?  Fuck, there's hope for all of us!" 

"Might as well breed some more mongrels as I swear you have throat cancer, probably caused by suckin' infected cock!"

*Clicks off PTT*


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*Mary listens to the radio and after a while picks up the radio and presses the PTT button*

"Remembered you had daughters did you?  Maybe you should have forgotten that too, after all that's your style when it comes to your children.

I haven't forgotten that you abandoned me at 4 months old then waited until my real parents who raised me were dead to come out with"

*puts on her best imitation of his voice* "I'm your real dad Mary, I'm your father"

*In an irritated voice*

"Didn't have the balls to tell me when my parents were living, you wait until they are 10 feet in the ground.

Fuck I didn't even know I had a sister. But I will just add it to one of the many deceit and lies that's on the list I have for you.

I'm not going to say anything else I'm not fighting over this damn radio."

*In a sarcastic tone* " I will meet you to continue this conversation, cause like always I have to come to you right."

*Releases the PTT calmly trying to decide if she should go or not*


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*Arty sighs after hearing the ordeal thrown the distraught man's way and he pushes the PTT*

Hey look buddy, i might not be a rocket scientist but im guessing that these people aren't very happy to see that you're still alive.

*he then releases the PTT and waits for a response calmly*

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*Jacket presses the PTT button rather quickly after he catches the first broadcast of the frequency host, speaking in a curious confused way.*


Endeavour Western?

I see time has done only bad to you.


I have not been tuned up that much to the happening,

Besides that seemingly... You are very conflicted with a large amount of people,

Some Island? Group named...


*He pauses for a few short moments, trying to come up with the name, muttering something to himself*

' Blyat....'


Ah, Yes. The Heathen....s. I think.

And uh...


Who are you?


A survivor, like all of us. perhaps one that used to have a cause, I stopped following what was happening after the big cluster fuck of.... Some day.


Wouldn't recommend on hanging around in public that often, Since I think that you have a really really nice amount of hating 'fans'. Heh...

Surprised that none of your people contacted you, or perhaps...




*Jacket lets go of the PTT button, Continues doing whatever he was doing before*



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