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Soul Searchin on the Air Waves [open freq]

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*Tuning the radio to multiple frequencies I just continued to broadcast the same message.*

               “This is Alexander Keid, I am camped out at the Krasnostav Air Strip with my buddy here Mr. Scott. We have traveled quite a way from Berezino.”

               *I paused for a moment. What did I have to say? I knew broadcasting my position was dangerous, but I was confident I could get ahold of the right people before shit went sour.*

               “… but we have even further to go. My friend recently endured a pretty vicious attack from an infected, and we don’t have all the proper medical equipment or facilities to treat him.”

               *The static stirred on the speaker. I didn’t want to sound as if I was begging, but I did want to express our desire to meet up with others or at least find some shelter and equipment where I could run quality tests. Hell, Id settle for a conversation at this point.*

               “If you could provide some guidance or even assistance it would be greatly appreciated. Im not very familiar with these things, and I don’t know the protocol or whatever, but I’m sure I need say like over or something like that so… over?”

               *Now I just wait…*

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*Andy picks up his radio after finishing his meal and holds down the PTT*

"I mean, I'm no expert but I guess I can help. If your friend got scratched or some shit, just make sure the wound is disinfected. Just rub alcohol in the wound. And just to be clear, I'm not talking beer or shit like that. Either pure hundert percent alcohol or if you can't find that, use something that has at least eighty percent or more, like rum or whiskey. It's gonna hurt like hell but unless you want your friend to die from an infected wound, then he's gotta go through with that."

*He pauses for a moment and thinks*

"Also, make sure you change the bandage multiple times. After every change, wash it again with alcohol and after some time you can wash it out with water. Other than that, if you still have problems then I really don't know. I mean, I guess I could come down to you guys and help you out, I don't live that far away from the place you said you were. Hope I was able to help... if I'm not responding too late that is."

*He stops talking for a second*

"Well.. a-anyways, I hope your friend is allright. Just let me know if you need some help any other time. Until then, later."

*Andy releases the PTT button and lays down his radio and throws the empty can of peaches onto the garbage pile*

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*Mary finishes opening her can of food while listening to the radio and picks the radio up and presses the PTT button*

"I am to far from where you are to help you in person. what you need to do is apply pressure to the wound  to stop the bleeding then I''m sorry to say this alcohol and your friend will feel that I'm afraid. The alcohol wil clean the area killing off anything that might make the wound infected if the wound is deep you will need to stitch that up then apply a dressing to keep the wound clean. You will need to check the wound and apply new dressings daily. If you do that your friend should be fine. I hope that helps."

*Releases the PTT button and continues eating her lunch*


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