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I'm looking for Luina (Open Freq)

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*Murdock walks into Warden Hollows office and opens his scotch cabinet and grabs a bottle of scotch.  He sits down, takes a swig, then turns on the radio*

"Emmm.. Hello there!  This is Murdock."

"I have lost my best friend Luina, she's a young girl, very vulnerable, very troubled.  We were peacefully living on the Prison Island when a bunch of kids with special needs appeared, lead by a fruitcake called Strawberry!  

*He chokes a little with laughter realising that Strawberry was dressed in Orange*

"They shot me and I was out for a while, luckily Dr West treated me!  
When I got back on my feet and went to check on Luina her door was busted open and she's not there.... I can only assume it was the spastic convention, as she was happy here!

*He grins, and takes another shot of the Warden's scotch* 

"If anyone knows her whereabouts please just say something.  She is not safe being alone.  She is in pain and is a danger to herself.   
Whoever helps me find her will be well paid, my establishment has a huge variety of supplies."

*Murdock releases the PTT and quickly runs out of the Wardens office*

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*Jimmy would scowl as he listens to the radio call, and just shakes his head as he looks over at Harper and Luina giving them a simple shrug before picking up the radio and pressing the PTT.*

"Oh don't worry Murdock, you don't have to worry about Luina at all anymore, you see it turns out she really doesn't like being a prisoner on an island! Turns out she also isn't the biggest fan of being bitten...that's a little fucking kinky Murdock...I know you only have men on that island but jeez. I think we're gonna go on a nice warm vacation out West though, you have fun on the island Murdock hunting down small scared women.".

*He would release the PTT and set the radio down on the table, smirking over at Lunia and Harper letting out a small chuckle. "Jeez that guy's a real asshole."

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*Endeavour picks up the radio and presses the PTT*

*Heavy coughing can be heard*

I sent the kid with some people that help me get my island back. Pretty sure she's dead by now. Not my problem either away. 

*goes silent*

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*Alexei Novikoff would hold down the PTT on his radio, as his voice came across the radio.*

"Privyet Mr. Murdock. I will be having you know that Ms. Luina is free from your pathetic little island, and that the island is now in possession of the man who spoke before me. She is on the mainland and heavily injured by my hand. I would advise that you cuddle up in one of those cells and stay there, because if your mall cops step foot onto the mainland and near anyone I associate with, I will see to it personally that you are dealt with. If you have any questions or wish to see to it that these threats come true, you can find me in Chernogorsk in the mornings, and the Triangle in the evening. Dasvidaniya!"

*Alexei would release the PTT, setting down the radio.*

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*You can hear the Warden in the background of Murdock's broadcast.*

"Hey, get the hell out of my fucking scotch cabinet you thieving, Irish potato lacking prick."

*There is some ruffling going on as Murdock runs out of his office. Finally, a door slams.*

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*Strawberry giggles reaching for his radio*

Oh my, I mean I do like fruitcakes

*Strawberry takes a second to think about the ex-island people*

You're a nerd, sincerely your local fruitcake Strawberry


*Radio turns silent*

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*Dillon picks up his radio, and thinks about the words Luina told him*

Well she told me that you guys tortured her and for "People of the Law" are massive hypocrites

*He smiles* Just to let you know, she wasn't ever safe with you or your friend you deluded fuck

But don't worry *He smirks* i'm sure you'll find her one day

See ya man!

*Dillon depresses the PTT button and lies back in the comfy apartment*





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22 hours ago, Coda852 said:


*Murdock has heard the responses on the radio, and after deep thought and reflection he turns on the radio*

"Hey Jimbo!  Watch who you're calling an asshole... why don't you come say it to my face... if you're man enough?  

You know where I am, grow a set and make the swim.  I've literally no idea who you are, why don't we call this a formal introduction if you're brave enough to face me."




22 hours ago, Boston said:


"Ruski..  you didn't introduce yourself, tell me your name!  Got something to hide do we?  

What do  you mean injured? What.. you pick on teenage girls?  This is the sign of a coward who 's been bullied at youth.  I will be in the triangle... TONIGHT.  I will be undercover dressed as a civilian.  Try to bully me, see how far you get."


*Murdock shouts to Warden Hollows*  "What the fuck does privyet mean?"  


14 hours ago, Galaxy said:


"And finally we have the one with the speech impediment,  honestly son you sound like you're holding your nose when you speak.  
I'm sure Dr West can snap  your broken nose back into place, and if he can't, I will." 

*Releases PTT, and nods at Warden, Matthew and Jacob.*

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8 hours ago, Crim said:

"Ruski..  you didn't introduce yourself, tell me you're name!  Got something to hide do we?  

What do  you mean injured? What.. you pick on teenage girls?  This is the sign of a coward who 's been bullied at youth.  I will be in the triangle... TONIGHT.  I will be undercover dressed as a civilian.  Try to bully me, see how far you get."

*Alexei would hold down the PTT once again.*

"Eh... my name is Alexei Novikoff. But eh, you will refer to me as eh... Mr. Novikoff."

"Ms. Luina is injured, with some skin cut off her back, a few holes in her shoulders, couple bruises and misplaced ribs, her specially made nose, and my favorite, her brand new smile that makes her look like Joker from eh... what is it? Batmyan, you know?"

*A hearty laugh would be heard from Alexei.*

"And you are telling me that I pick on teenage girls? When you are the one who takes them on your island, locking them into cells and licking them like fucking lollipop? This, my friend, is the sign of a hypocrite."

"I look forward to seeing you in the Triangle, Mr. Irish Potato Man. Dealing with you on your home was not difficult. Now, on my home, it will be a cake walk."

*Alexei would release the PTT.*

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Luina looks to Jimmy and Harper, both apparently sleeping in a bed next to hers in the wooden cabin. She can't sleep good after what happened the last few days. Felix, the only person she trusted in that world was dead. He died, because he wanted her to be safe and rescued her together with the freaks. After they killed him and tortured her badly, she was very careful what to say over the radio. She hears the transmission from Murdock and hears all the other voices over the radio. She shakes her head afterwards staring to the radio for a moment remembering Felix's last words to her. "Embrace it, Luina.", he always said to her. She was smiling for a moment which looked bizarre in a way since they cut both of her cheeks to a smile close to her ears making her look like the Joker from Batman. A tear was rolling down her cheek over the stitched smile on her cheek still smiling. "I will never let you down, Felix. You will stay in my heart and live on. I take to heart what you told me and I will never forget." As she begins to speak she tried to be as calm and collected as possible but still stuttering a bit.

"Regards to Murdock and Western. I am not dead. The things that happened won't drag me down. And how my friend already told you. I don't like being forced to live in a cell. I have to disappoint you there."

She traced for a moment with her finger over the stitching of her carved smile in her face slightly flinching as she sees a dark figure at the window in the small wooden cabin. She stared at it for a moment. "You are not real. You are not real. You are not real", she whispered for a second as the creature vanished suddenly. She was shaking her head for a moment before she pressed the radio button again.

"So yeah I am not going back to that cell."

"And yeah...everything is true what Mr. Novikoff said. He injured me badly and did those things to me. But... how did someone say. Past is the past. What happened, happened. Nothing can be changed."

She let the radio button go and looked over to Harper and Jimmy before she looked down to her wrists and arms. "I am not the same anymore, Felix. I promised I would never do it again and I won't cause I changed. You made me realize that and died. I know that now. I never had a father and family but you were and always will be. You and Skinner were always there for me. , she whispered as she smiled again moving her injured cheeks, groaning slightly. She is holding her head again as the whisper in her head became louder and louder screaming in her head. She drops the radio next to her and moves with her back to the wall having her head on her knees and her arms around it.


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