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Little Shortround


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In teamspeak do this

Go to settings > Identities and go to advanced settings or until you find you GUID then copy it and add it to this

Or press CNTRL + I and get your GUID from there

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You automatically connect to the DayZRP ts lobby to get your ts permissions you use this link and click the add UUID button and follow the instructions from there.

1. Click link

2. Click Add UUID

3. Go on ts and press CTRL + I

4. Copy the Unique ID into the UUID box (you may need to click the go "Advanced Button" after you press CTRL + I)


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Hello, @Little Shortround

If you feel like your question has been solved, be sure to tick the answer/solution that helped you the most, if not please tell us and we can try to come up with more solutions for you. If you need help to tick the answer that helped you the most, check out this guide:



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