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Campfire Massacre? [Open Frequency]

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*Morgun sits around a campfire eating a can of peaches, with Victoria sitting across from him*

*Bored and curious, he reaches into his bag and pulls out the radio he got to work a week ago and presses the PTT hard enough to where it gets stuck*

"Hello WADIOOOO! Its me Morgun againnn! How are you today?!

*He unknowingly sets the radio down as it still transmits, the campfire crackling in the background along with Morgun's semi-loud chewing*

"Morgun still hungry Victoria. When are da cows gonna be done and weady to eat?"

"Soon enough Morgun. I've told you this multiple times now. Just have patience while I finish gutting and cutting up the meat."

"Okee dokey! Morgun hope cow tastes good!"

"They do Morgun. Trust me, this cow has quite the amount of fat, and will be full of flavor. Do me a favor and go fetch some--"

*A large snap is heard as Victoria stops speaking much more distinguished than the campfire popping*

"Fetch some what-!"

"SSHHHHHH Morgun!"

*Multiple branches snap, louder as they approach followed by silence*

*Multiple growls are heard through the radio*

"Morgun... I want you to very quietly reach into your bag, and slowly hand me your handgun."

*Morgun slowly digs into his bag, as you hear a few items in the bag clank together on the radio*

"Here you go Victoria."

*He slowly hands her the gun*

"Morgun scared Victoria...."

"It'll be okay Morgun, I'm going to take care of this. Everything is going to be-"

*A loud screech is heard followed by 2 more following screeches*


*Multiple heavy steps are heard approaching. Multiple shots ring through the radio, followed by loud growling from multiple unknown creatures*

"Morgun RUN!

*More shots ring through the radio, followed by screams*

"Morgun scared! Victoria helppp!"


*You hear Morgun breathing, struggling to fight something off of himself*

*More shots are heard mixing in with all the yelling*

*The radio now just becomes a mixture of static, gun shots, and screaming*

*It becomes unknown of what is going on*

*There is silence suddenly, followed by howling and..... maniacal laugther?*

*A scraping noise is heard on the radio as it is picked up*

*The creature sniffs the radio*

*A loud smash plays through radio as it is destroyed, and the transmission ends*




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