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Time to Solve a Report?

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Although I like the new Staff Feedback system, I sometimes wish we had the old one for questions and or discussions like this.

So, what's the deal with this report in particular? I've combed through it, and unless I'm too high to have caught onto something, what is everyone waiting on? Is there a hung decision or something? I'm sorry, but 11 days for a report where nobody is waiting on anymore evidence or anything is silly. I mean, the last post on it was the 25th, three whole days ago. The last Staff member to comment on it was Rolle, on June 19th.

But aside from that, the GM team is doing a great job (+1 dudes) at knocking down some reports, closing and or solving I believe around 28 since June 17th, the date the report in question was posted.

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The report you mentioned is being worked on by the admins only due to some of the accusations thrown around in it outside of the in game incident. There is a lot to cover and its understandable why it is taking so long. 

And I do miss the staff feedback mega-thread too as it allowed people to have more freedom in what they could give feedback about and it wasn't restricted to one staff member per feedback either. But it became a beanz farm and place where people who didn't have enough info on the situation to slam staff. I would know, I participated in it. Regardless, I liked that system better and maybe one day it can make a return but not anytime soon.

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