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Felix Gilmore [Open Frequency]

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*Arturo sits up at a mountain with his uncle and good friend Dillon he then takes his radio into his hands and presses the PTT*

''To everyone whose listening and who knows Felix Gilmore, I can confirm that he is dead. He lived a shit life and we ended his life with a smile on our faces..''

*He pauses for a minute exhaling*

''I'm just glad the man is dead, rest in pieces my friend.''

*He realeses the PTT with a smile on his face*

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*Skinner sits up in his chair, hearing the news. He picks up his radio to respond*

The fuck? I liked that guy! He was kinda cool. I'll get you for this! I'll hunt you down and kill you or my name isn't David Mack. That's M, A, C, K.

Stay golden.

*Skinner tosses his radio over his shoulder into the back of the truck laughing*

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*Dillon smacks the shit out of the video recorder trying to get it to load, he puts in 3 new batteries all seemed to failed until the 4th, he turns on the camera and wonders if Luina really does deserve to hear this shit... Hmmm... Yea why not, we're not completely like him I guess... He presses down the PTT button hoping for all to hear including Luina and he plays the recording down for the world to hear*

And that all from me folks *He smirks*

And to the man who said he is going to hunt us... It won't be hard if you just listen to words in the wind

*The radio cuts to silence*

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*The sound of Tim's voice can be heard responding over the frequency.*

"Oh dear. I guess it was nice knowing you, Felix. Not that I really knew you all that well but, you know. And whoever ended up killing him, Felix probably had it coming."

*The transmission goes silent.*

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