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Dr Hope? Mr bear-killer-guy?

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Dr Hope,

Are you okay? I'm worried about you. I'm not sure what happened. We were talking on the radio, some guy started talking to you, and I couldnt hear anything, then he talked to me and then nothing. I can only think he must have taken you for some reason...


Mister manly-man-bear-killer-strong-guy,  if you or your friends still have my friend, could you please let her go? I don't have anything to ransom, I've only been here two weeks almost. If you need medical attention I could do that, or so could Mrs Hope. I seriously have limited resources to work with here... I don't know that you want a bunch of apples... my guess would be no...


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Hope had been sitting in the corner of the clinic room for a good.... who knows how long. Gripping the small toy in her hands with her face burrowed deeply into it. Hope would perch her head up as she listens to the radio, managing to of found one before finding the position and listening to her. Slightly traumatised. Well... very...

"Uh... Beth... Hey... Uhm..."

She sounded slightly ill... perturbed.

"I-I'm fine... Just a.. quick robbery. Nothing out of the blue..."

But was it? Was this the way she was when she was robbed? Who knew? If anything Hope just wished Victor was by her side to help her grieve. She nearly lost one thing she would've died for. Her daughter's bear...

"... I'll... I'll see you soon."

The radio cuts off as Hope's grip plunders deeper into the cushioned fabric with a heartbroken sob.

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*she frowns, her hypersensetivity  immedietly picking up on the distress in Hopes voice that most would have overlooked.*

"okay... do you need me to come get you? I mean, I don't know where anything is, but I'm sure I could figure it out."

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Hope would briefly take a moment to hide the tears shedding from her eyes. Looking up to the ceiling as if the cool air would help. Sniffling a little, she manages to compose herself.

"I-I'm perfectly alright... I can do it.... Don't worry... Heh.... Hehehe..."

The composed laugh cuts off into sobbing whilst she shakes her head.

"I don't know how much longer I can keep up with this..."

Her voice sounding pained from the torment. 

"I'm going to stay here.... See you later Beth..."

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* her voice sounds sad, understanding* 

"Okay, don't worry about it... you focus on caring for yourself. I have things under control for now where I am. I'm so sorry, whatever happened, I tried to get them to leave you alone... I'm sorry it wasn't enough...If you need me, you say so and I'll find you." 

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