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The Diary of Alexander Keid

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Day 1            

    The date? I lost track of it awhile back. I’m sure I can recall it if I could focus on something other then my stomach, but I’ve been drifting in and out of consciousness for a few days now.

                I can’t remember all the details now, but a group of bandits found my old lab. I know I pleaded with them to leave me with at least my seeds. They took what they could use and torched the rest. Hell, they even took the clothes off my back, though they didn’t need ‘em. They put a bag on my head and next thing I remember I’m waking up in the back of a freight car at a train station, hungrier then I could ever imagine being possible.               

               What is always funny to me is no matter how confused or discombobulated I am, I always seem to find my way into a greenhouse before I ever find a can of edible anything. I wasn’t even looking to set up a lab this time, I just wanted to end this hunger.

              I searched every house in town. I found all the medical supplies I could carry, as well as a paramedics uniform.

“This will work, the material is perfectly suitable for my botanical endeavors” I thought. Though still not a single shred of food around.
               I saw one of the infected outside of the clinic I had just searched, so I kept low. After it passed by I felt confident enough to head out. Low and behold another was directly outside the door and as soon as I turned we both froze. We stared at each other for a second, as if both of us were in shock of the other. Considering those glazed over, coagulated eyes time stopped for a second, and my stomach didn’t seem to hurt. My heart beat pulsed through my whole body, and was resting in my neck now.

              The next second I bolted over the fence as the infected lunged at me. I ran until my lungs felt like glass, and my muscles were as stiff as wood. This beast of a creature seemed to have stamina to last forever, but I guess when you can’t feel the pain in your body you could run until your limbs snap and keep going… and I’ve seen them do it.

              I ducked around a corner of a tool shed. There was a shovel within, and I quickly grabbed it and prepared to whack this monster in the face as soon as he turned the corner.

             Once again I thought “is this some cruel joke? A shovel? What’s next some seeds? How about some fertilizer?” The ironic nature of the universe was not done with me yet.

             I dropped the infected in one hit, and continued to bash his head till he stopped moving. As I took a second to breathe, it became abundantly clear that this little tiff might have been the one to push me over the edge. To think I was going to starve to death and die, after having a full garden all season. I still remember the bandit leaders face as he took a bite of a beautiful red tomato… I didn’t even get a single taste. I started to feel dizzy and faint, but the thought of his arrogant face gave me a second wind.

            I continued to look around. Duct Tape, a small gas canister, a cooking pot, and *ding ding ding* bell Pepper seeds (that’s right). What luck! 

            I was able to find a well with a pump and decided I wasn’t going to move much further after this so I might as well have a stomach full of water while I die. In the back of this house I found fertilizer…

           Why not? I’ll die doing what I know. I may not know the name of the town I’m in, I may not know the date or time, but I can grow a garden like you wouldn’t believe.

           I dug the plot, fertilized the soil, and planted the seed. I water a few of them and on the third trip back I lost consciousness… last thing I remember is propping myself up between the water pump and my shovel to catch a breath.

          Maybe the next hungry traveler will get to enjoy a delicious pepper before starving, and meeting a similar fate.

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Day 2    

 I awoke in a field in the middle of the night. I heard what sounded like someone rummaging through my clothes, and shortly after I could feel them rifling through my pockets and really looking for something. I stirred, and all of a sudden, the person stopped.

     “Are you awake?” they asked

     I couldn’t muster up the strength to talk, but I’m sure I made some guttural noise that didn’t make any sense, but indicated I was alive.

     Quickly his demeanor changed, and he helped me up. The unknown man propped me up against a nearby tree stump.

     “Are you alright man? I didn’t think you were alive!” he exclaimed

     “food… water…” I desperately said, with all the strength I could muster up to get it out of me.

     He disappeared for a moment, and I drifted back out of consciousness.

     I dreamt of my family back in America. I dreamt of my friends and my girlfriend back up north that I had met during my time in Russia. We were all together in some beautiful cabin, eating and drink, and my father was playing guitar with my friend Mikail, as if they had known each other forever.

     Had it all been a nightmare? Was this reality? Everything seemed so right, and it all fit into place and made sense…  I forgot about the horrors I had just went through, and became enveloped in the warmth, and mirth that filled the room. I was home, where I really belonged.

    My girlfriend, Alonya, reached over to give me a kiss. I could feel her lips on mine, the warmth was real.

     “You’re not going to make it, if you don’t get up?” she said

     I looked at her quizzically. “where are we going? I’m fine right here.” As I pulled her to sit with me on the couch

     “You have to get up.” She said with more exasperation this time.

     As I stared at her face, the room got dark. The paint on the walls started to chip and dissipate into thin air. Her skin became pale, and her veins turned black as I looked at her face. I didn’t know what was happening, but I felt a familiar feeling, and it all came rushing back to me. Her eyes glazed over and it was as if I could see the infection spreading through her. She lunged at me and took me to the ground, but before I could hit the floor I was jolted awake… I can’t seem to escape the nightmare no matter where I go.

     I began throwing up, and choking on something in my mouth. The man had returned, and he had been feeding me some beans out of a can.

     We sat together for a moment there on that hill, with a brief exchange of how one another had gotten to this point, while he let me regain my strength. His name was David, I didn’t get a last name.

     “I honestly thought you were dead man. I’m no nurse, but I couldn’t find your pulse.” David said defensively.

     I told him “It’s alright man, how can I complain when you helped bring me back to life. Beans… I never thought with all my understanding of biology that starvation would be what gets me. In this world, I always pictured a gun shot, or a giant bite taken out of my neck from one of those creatures.”  

     Zombies he called them. Everyone else seemed to have their own little nickname for them. I always simply called them the infected. Technically speaking that is what they were.

     I didn’t tell David about my scientific experiments, or my attempts to find a cure, or even my many failures to sustain a lab. We were single serving friends, and our time together was nearly up. Unloading that on him would just make him weary of me… Understandably so. Sometimes I think I’m insane for trying to find a cure to this madness. Sometimes I wonder if it would be better to just burry me here with it all ending around me.

     We stayed together for a bit on the road, and came upon a giant industrial city. Berezino he said it was called.

     It looked gray dull and dead, just like the rest of the dilapidated towns I had been to. The only difference is this one was bigger. After even the smallest amount of time without general maintenance everything went to shit. You’d be surprised at what it takes to keep a civilization afloat. One missing cog in the machine and the rest of the wheels stopped turning just as quickly.

     David and I parted ways at a police station. He said he was looking for his friends after the shit hit the fan, and they were planning to move out to a cabin in the country… A chill went up my spin, and I became very worried for the safety of David and his friends. He gave me the coordinates, and said if I ever head that direction to look him up. I feared this was the last time I would ever see David again. I made camp on the roof and decided to wait the long night out, but sleep was not on the list for me this night.

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found out the real locations name (sorry Im new to this map, and didnt have a map before xD)

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Day 3    

 I sat on the roof of that police station for what seemed like eternity. Just watching the town. Berezino was mysterious & surreal. It was a bustling city with a lot of culture and history. This was the reason I came to Russia in the first place. I wanted to absorb another culture, I wanted to get lost in the history of such a place. Not that any of that mattered now, but the remnants of the people were still here. Every nook and cranny was another little tale, of a life cut short.

     Old books, scattered about buildings just as old as when they were originally written. The buildings were sturdy, meant to last. Not a quick contract, rebar and stucco operation, to just build it up and get it full as fast as possible to turn a profit. Even the fire stoves in place used for everyday cooking had character. I’ve had range stoves that run on natural gas my whole life. Each apartment had its own set of Green houses, and chicken coops in the back, so the residents could raise and grow their own food. This was a concept lost on too many Americans this day and age.

     Though there was a grocery store right down the street, these people obviously knew how to work the land, and take care of themselves, though I’m sure they had to ‘donate’ a portion of their produce to the local government office, to be sold at the very same grocery stores as well. After all everyone has their lot to fill comrade.

     I couldn’t help but make the comparisons to my childhood. I remember down the street from the suburbs I grew up in there were rival grocery stores across the street from one another, and both were always packed full of customers. I sure could use that amount of excess now, though eventually the shelves always end up empty.

     With that thought I was ripped out of it. I had a job to do. Sitting up here getting nostalgic, and trying to relate to the people who have passed wasn’t going to get it done either.

     I left the police station and hit the road going north-west. I had heard there was an air strip in that direction, and where there’s an air strip there’s a radio. I was determined to make contact with someone, anyone, who could help me on my mission. If there was any reason to find a cure, and save this shit hole of a world, I was going to find it.

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Pt. 1

               As I headed west out of the city, I could feel myself getting more comfortable. The farm land, the open fields, the growing tree line slowly encroaching on the city. Nature was still alive, and had very little concern with our current state of affairs. The world as we know it had ended, but the planet just kept on keepin’ on. The air out here even smelled better, and I wasn’t even a full kilometer from the city yet.

               As relaxing as the outdoors are, it was not the time or place to let your guard down. Those open fields may look nice, but they look even nicer to a sniper, or group of bandits looking for their next target. I stayed low, and went from cover to cover, be it a hay bale, formation of rocks, or a tree.

 I stopped off in a house along the way to catch my breath and hopefully find something I could use, or at least barter.

               Finally! some luck came my way. I found a .22 caliber rifle and some extra rounds. It was a simple gun, and could help if I needed to hunt down some wild game.

               Just as I strapped the rifle over my shoulder I caught a glimpse of a young man, running through the field. He was being chased by a zombie and didn’t seem to be faring too well. I grab my axe and ran out to help him.

               “run towards me, I’ll take him out.” I yelled to the man.

               I guess I startled him just as much as the infected, because he turned to me and froze for a second. In that second the zombie lunged and got him right on his back. I got there a second later, and cleaved my axe into the zombie’s head.

               The man was paralyzed and began convulsing. I tried to distract him from the pain, and began asking him questions.

               “what’s your name buddy?” I asked as calmly as possible.

               “i-i-It’s-s-s S-s-sc-o-t-T” he managed to stammer out.

               “Well Scott, it’s nice to meet you. I’m sorry it’s under these particular circumstances, but never the less, I’m gonna get you back to 100% ok?” I said, in an attempt to calm him down. As I cleaned the wound, I could see the saliva from the infected covering the area. I bandaged him as best I could, but I saw the paralysis setting in.

               “M-m-M-or-phine. I need Morphine” Scott proclaimed.

               “That’s right, Scott, and I have just what the doctor ordered right here.” I said.

Scott was smarter then he looked. His clothes all tattered and damaged, but his mind was sharp. He knew the morphine would get him out of that paralysis, for the meantime, allowing him a chance to heal.

               I injected him with the morphine, and he immediately began to relax, and his breathing became somewhat regular. I took him over to the cabin, and I gave him some water, and fed him a can of peaches. He slept well and I checked his vitals regularly throughout the night.

               Another sleepless night for me. I guess it’s better than being unconscious. I’ve spent many nights like that myself. I kept pondering over the wound, and wondering how badly he might have been effect. Did I stop the paralysis in time? Did I stop the spread of infection to his body in time? I couldn’t be certain, and my understanding of the virus is so disconnected from any other investigations done since the outbreak. I’m walking blind out here, but I feel it is my duty to try.

               I needed to find other scientists. I needed to at least see other research that could guide me in one direction or another… Or maybe I just needed a stable lab, and plenty of subjects to work with to determine what we were dealing with here.

               It’s different trying to operate without the help of a whole team of researchers, a database backing you, and the internet to expedite the process of getting the information to be known across the board. Out here, its ground zero, and I have no knowledge of what has happened since that day in October over 2 years ago.

               Perhaps I’ve been going about this all wrong. Being a lone wolf, trying to do my experiments in small make shift labs where ever I can pop them up and hide them from raiders was not working, and if I wanted results I needed to get something stable set up, and I needed more people to be on board. I need what those bandits have.

               Scott began to stir.

               “Hey there Scott, how are we feelin’” I asked

                “what? What happened? Where am I?” Scott quizzically looked around and tried to look out the window, but writhed in pain as he still wasn’t able to move that fast.

                “whoa, slow down buddy, we don’t wanna open that back up.” I said as I helped him back to his mattress. “I was actually gonna ask you the same thing, what are you doing out here? Do you have someone waiting for you?” I asked.

                Scott couldn’t remember a thing other than his name. This is what I was afraid of, the second symptom I had noticed in the recently infected was amnesia. Scott was in great shape, but he could not recollect anything before the attack.

                “It’s alright Scott, give it some time. I’m sure after some fresh air, and a bite to eat in the morning, things will start to come back to you.” I said trying to reassure him.

                I didn’t have a good feeling about Scotts health, but I let him rest. I slept in the next room over, with the door locked behind me. Surprisingly enough I did pass out, I was more tired than I realized.

                I awoke to the smell of grilled meat a few hours later.Scott had woken up before me.

                “How ya goin” he asked “want some breakfast?”

                 He had found a chicken hanging around the barn apparently and made a fire. I was astonished. He was healing at an alarming rate, which left me even more curious, as well as cautious. How did he recover so quickly? I became weary of him, but at the same time excited. I had a sudden epiphany.

                 I WAS going about this all wrong. In more ways than one, I thought to myself. I have been trying to work on curing the infected. I had multiple specimens locked in cages, store rooms, police holding cells. None of my attempts at obtaining a viable culture worked. I tried to grow the cultures on agar, my own blood samples, I even tried anaerobic methods. Though I don’t think I had the proper materials to achieve the level of sterility needed. Another problem of working under these conditions. Everything failed, and the virus became unviable between 24-48 hours. I’ve failed so many times… I had never thought of testing on actual survivors.

                 I knew I needed to approach this delicately. I had to earn Scotts trust, even more so then I already had. How do you convince someone to allow you to run tests on them? How do you ensure your testing isn’t going to hurt them… or worse? I still adhere to a strict moral code, but how do you convey that to someone else, in a world where ethics, and morals rarely stay consistent depending on the situation and your very own survival? I need to go about this delicately. Only one thing was certain. I had rediscovered my purpose, and I was going to stop at nothing to get the results I desired…

Pt. 2

               I invited Scott to travel with me to Krasnostav. I wanted to get on the radio at the tower, and try to get ahold of other survivors, perhaps a group with like-minded individuals. I couldn’t be the only one trying to find a solution, and with other like minds the work would not only be faster, but more fulfilling.

              On our travels, the serene beauty of nature was overwhelming. The wind blowing in the trees, the rain, though cold, all of it was so comforting. At that very moment, a herd of cattle was passing through the woods right in front of us. Scott and I both stopped and stared in awe.

               “Nature always finds a way” Scott said.

               I stared at him for a moment “Yeah, no kidding…”

               Maybe it was my recent eureka moment, or maybe it was the friendship I had just created, but everything seemed to be heading towards a singularity, the silver lining of all my endeavors was right in sight. Scott had no idea the greatness that lay ahead of us.

               Upon our arrival at the air strip in Krasnostrav we took a moment to rest. I tried the radio, but got no response. I figured this could wait, and I decided to get to know Scott a little more.

              “So, how did you get stuck out here in the first place?” I asked

              “I was on vacation with my dad, my mother died many years ago, and we came to Chernarus to spread her ashes… that was, about two years ago I would say. My father didn’t last long after the initial incident.” Scott said with sadness in his voice, yet an appeased attitude. “at least he doesn’t have to go through this anymore…”

              I cracked a bottle of vodka I had found.

              “cheers to that friend, here’s to all the ones we’ve lost, who don’t have to live through this hell hole of a world we are stuck in.” I said trying to change the mood. “well I see you’ve gotten your memory back, that’s a really good step in the right direction brother. I told you some air in your lungs and some food in your belly was all you needed.”

              “Yeah… sorry, I don’t know what that was about, but it’s all been coming back to me pretty clearly.” Scott said apologetically, as he took a swig of the bottle.

               He didn’t know it but I was taking notes, and observing his progress constantly. We made a fire, and ate some food as the night crept upon us. We talked about our study’s, and spoke of old loves from our days at University. He was a psychologist, and he did his thesis on the fluidity of the morals and ethics. I had no idea I had a fellow man of science with me the whole time. I saw this opportunity to speak of my background in biology. I didn’t feel it was the right time to tell him about my experiments, and plans for future research, but I was warming him up to it slowly.

               We stayed up until the fire died down to embers. Then we camped out in the air strip control room. Scott fell asleep quickly, still healing from his wounds.

               I took this as an opportunity to get on the radio and get some soul searching done over the air waves.

               Tuning the radio to multiple frequencies I just continued to broadcast the same message.

               “This is Alexander Keid, I am camped out at the Krasnostav Air Strip with my buddy here Mr. Scott. We have traveled quite a way from Berezino.”

               I paused for a moment. What did I have to say? I knew broadcasting my position was dangerous, but I was confident I could get ahold of the right people before shit went sour.

               “… but we have even further to go. My friend recently endured a pretty vicious attack from an infected, and we don’t have all the proper medical equipment or facilities to treat him.”

               The static stirred on the speaker. I didn’t want to sound as if I was begging, but I did want to express our desire to meet up with others or at least find some shelter and equipment where I could run quality tests. Hell, Id settle for a conversation at this point.

               “If you could provide some guidance or even assistance it would be greatly appreciated. Im not very familiar with these things, and I don’t know the protocol or whatever, but I’m sure I need say like over or something like that so… over?”

               Now I just wait…

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There is no need to create multiple threads for entries in Diary of 1 character. If you write more please just add it to the main post or make new reply in this thread thank you.

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thank you. there is still one missing. I wasnt aware of the protocol, Ill do this from now on.

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