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The Regulators [Private Frequency]

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*Strawberry looks towards Western and smiles, continues to press down the PTT*

Hello, ehmm. Regulators, we might have something you want.

We have a guy, you might know him as Western and well, we are looking to turn in a profit.

I'm pretty confident that you guys are looking for him.

*Radio turns silent for a second*

Oh yeah, my name is Strawberry by the way *Chuckles*

*Radio cuts off*

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*Warden Hollows hears his radio crackle, and the rather interesting message come through. He goes to respond, pausing a moment to think."

"Well, Mr. Strawberry, we appreciate the message about Mr. Western being in your possession. We're in transition with collecting supplies, so what item, or items wish you to be rewarded with? I'd hate for you to venture over to us and we not have what you want.

Secondly, due to security reasons, only two people are allowed to swim over with Mr. Western if you intend to bring him to us directly. We've had issues with squatters today and yesterday, so for the sake of everyone's safety, that is a non-negotiable request. Please do not attempt to circumvent this, as we will take extreme caution in this situation."

*He clips his radio back to his vest, awaiting a response.*

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