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Status on my name change.

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I'm creating this question thread, because I've tried to contact multiple staff members on TeamSpeak and I've been ignored by all of them. I figure this way, there will be a record of my questions and therefore more difficult to sweep under the rug. 

EDIT: I would like to add, that very soon after I posted this, Species contacted me in TS and mentioned that he'd do everything in his power to help me out. It was an offer that was very much appreciated, especially given the fact that higher ranking staff members have done less. 

I was aware that my name change may be on the edge of what is acceptable, so I figured asking an admin first would be the best idea. After getting permission from the admin I spoke to, I changed my name feeling confident it wouldn't be an issue. No more than 2 minutes passed, when a separate admin came into my TS channel and told me that it wasn't allowed. I allowed him to change it back with no questions asked, even though I was fairly upset. I then asked if I could change my name to a different option that is far more within the range of what is acceptable, and the admin I spoke to suggested he would have to speak to the other admins about it before giving me a definitive "yes" or "no". 

I'm asking if any discussion was started, and if a decision had been made regarding my second name-change request. 

Additionally, I'm asking if it would be possible to get my name change back. Right now, I'm timed out for 90 days even though an admin revoked my original name change. I'm just not sure it's entirely fair that I have to wait the 90 day timer when I originally was given consent by an admin to change my  name in the first place.

If it's necessary I can provide screenshots. 

I have several that you may find interesting. 

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I am somewhat aware of the name change issue here, by which I mean I don't know every little detail, but know the basics. 

I don't really care about these "interesting" screenshots. What I do care about is this 90 day timer you are left with, as I don't find that fair. I would have no problem doing a manual name change for you in this case in order to bypass this timer as in this case I do not think it is fair. 

I hope this helps clear things up. 

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I saw the conversation about this in the admin chat :D

Apparently Ender was being sarcastic about agreeing about the name change, but didn't quite make it very obvious that he was. In fact, the chat log we saw looked very much serious. So I guess that's his fault :D

Anyway, of course you can get your name change back so you don't have to wait 90 days, I'll fix that for you.

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Thanks guys!

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