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Dr Hope

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Jim picks up his radio and begins to transmit:


"Dr. Hope, I have a package to deliver to you, please contact me privately for further information. Trust me on this one, its not dangerous, and you will want to receive this one."


Puts the radio away and glances over at the ice chest.

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Hope listening to Recker call for her on the radio made her feel unkeen on it. A gut wrenching feeling curdling in the pit of her stomach made it all the more worse than it should be. But she would try to joke it off. Afterall fear would show a weakness. And sarcasm was the only was to shield that.

"I swear if it's another United Nations beret.... I already got like.... seven.... All seriousness, what is it Recker..."

Hope wanted to know, finding out in person after what he was doing to West could be dangerous.

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*Beth picks up the radio, sounding utterly exhausted*

"She's not kidding about the berets, she showed me...  It better not be something cruel...she did just help me..."

*her breathing slows and it becomes obvious she's fallen asleep with the radio in her hand. A sudden alarm of beeps goes off, resulting in a slight yelp from her, a loud thunk, and an audible "Fuck!   Owww.....I'm okay!" 

*slight thumping can be heard and Beth can be heard muttering, still exhausted and perhaps not entirely awake* "Oh no you don't....not on my watch...."  *a series of what sounds like packages being pulled open can be heard and the line is quiet for a moment. "There you go...come on...go up.....bit more.....you can do it......better...now stay in that range.....Stay. Stay."

*more sounds can be heard in the background, the ptt must have had an elastic band on it that was moved and not noticed, Beth's exhausted voice can be heard soothing and fussing at people* 

"You okay? Should be about due for another dose.... okay... I'll get that right now....there you go. Try to go back to sleep okay? Just give it a few minutes, you'll feel better."

"You stop bitching over there and use the damn inhaler I gave you! You'll feel better! .....You are not fine, coughing up blood is not fine! ... Don't make me come over there!.... Thank you, see? Not so difficult...."

*a few pumps of a breathing bag can be heard, along with some various other noises Hope would recognize as medical care being given. A defibrillator can be heard charging and then going off.*

"There you go... oh for fucks sake stop that already.... no...calm down over there....he's not dead, he's sedated, didn't feel a thing...this is a perfectly normal procedure! They do it in hospitals all the time! ....Calm down! A defibrillator stops arrhythmia of the heart, not restarts a non-beating heart! Stupid movies... calm down over there... he's stable! He's okay...see? No more arrhythmia.... breathing is good...No!.... Ugh....His heart was beating funny, so I fixed it before it caused any problems! Make sense now?...Good....I swear to god...if he keeps this up I'm sedating him..."

*another voice can be heard in the background, chuckling lightly at first, a young British male. Another British male can be also heard.* 

"You know, I very well may let you with how he's been going on and on....

"Oh do shut your bloody mouth for awhile... I hope she realizes she's here by our bloody good graces...I still can't believe that she-"

"That's enough." The voice sounds exhausted and annoyed.*  "Did she personally stand in the church, point guns at us and open fire?"

"No...that was the -"


"But....but she's tied to the man that did this....he fucking killed 8 people... 8 PEOPLE in front of us!  And camp...women...children.. .massacred! She's his bloody....for how long?.... and you're somehow okay with this?" 

"I WILL NOT allow her to be punished for someone else's sins, no matter her relation to them. We are gentlemen and even to contemplate such a thought is to stoop to levels of depravity only the monsters of this world could possibly fathom."

*The line is quiet for a moment.*

"Now, I will advise you to go upstairs and get some damn sleep. You're not thinking straight, and anymore out of you about this depravity will ensure you stay upstairs until you can get  control of yourself. Am I understood?"

*sighing and angry grumbling* "Yes ..."


*after some shuffling the voice is more soothing*

"Miss Elizabeth, you look like you could use some sleep as well."

"I'm fine."

"Mmm-hmmm...You've been taking astoundingly good care of everyone, as always... please get some rest."

*the sound of sighing and slight grumbling is heard, then the radio is picked up*

"Shit. How did this stay on? What was I even talking about? Oh right! Um...sorry to bother you so early..but um...Ms. Hope, you said you are an Oncologist correct? I met someone who I believe you should take a look at if possible. When you can...I'm sure we can set up a meeting somewhere. Thanks."


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Even though Hope wanted to trust Beth, something was just telling her 'no, this isn't right' but she couldn't quite put her finger on it. Who was the guy in the background? Punish sins? Was there any british catholics? No... no.... maybe? Ok Hope stop being paranoid.... But she can't... Something wasn't giving her a good feeling...

"Ahm... Urherm... I... who... who is that guy?"

Really? Stumbling over your fucking words now Hope. Great. Recker is gonna completely see through that.

"And... why the fuck is no one giving me any full on details... I'm like 40... That's a pensioner's age... Don't give me a damn heartattack..."

Good, maybe that will shake off the stutters they may of heard. Hope places her radio on the ground, frowning as she palms her face whilst scrunched up in a ball. Her heart pounding against her rib cage, feeling like she was out of breath. 

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"My apologies Mrs Hope. Didnt realize the damn radio had been transmitting.

Public version: Not part of the actual discussion;  I'm currently trying to care for six people in critical condition as the only present doctor.

Apparently....some people who will not be named... my husband among them...attacked them. Including being behind the massacre of a camp from my understanding. No lives spared, women nor children."

*she sighs deeply*

"So one of these individuals was unaware of my, relationship. While being in a shock induced rage, he is not thinking rationally.

I've apparently gone in less than 10 minutes; from being one of his favorite people, to someone who should be punished severely for something I had no part of. Or somehow be my husbands redeeming half...I'm just doing what I would be anyways...

I'm not giving his name for his own safety. Hopefully he'll calm down sometime today.

The other voice, I believe you know, is Lord Ashford. Who, thank god, is a rational and good person, and keeping this individual in check. 

Now, point at hand.

I ran into someone, who from a previous doctor, thinks he has lung cancer. He has what appear to be tumors in his throat, can't fully breathe in, and has been coughing up blood on a regular basis. The tumors don't appear to be the source of blood, nor is the stomach, leading me to believe the lungs the cause.

This is a specific ailment that is well beyond my knowledge to treat. I was hoping he could meet with you for consultation. At worst case, you would have a better idea as to how to keep him comfortable. Of course, somewhere of your choosing."

*a cough and wheezing can be heard* 

"Have to go! ... put that back on if you want to breathe! I don't have it on you as a fashion statement!" 

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"Oh greeeaattt... And which doctor would have diagnosed this? Hm?"

Hope mentions sarcastically, one thing after another. If anything Hope was slowly losing her will to even help people. After Loscham. After Stefanie. After L.I.F.E. After her loss of her child. Cancer? Just another thing Hope saw as an issue that couldn't be resolved.

"Well... I can check, but there isn't much I could probably do. Equipment and resources are at the loss and if he's wanting surgery even if it is cancer. I don't even think he'd survive. But if he's been shot however.... then that's a whole new story together...."

Hope's voice sounded monotone. Eyes flickering to the ground as she wanders deep in thought, the tranmission still on going as a short...


Occurs before cutting off.

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*David would pick up his radio and press the transmit button*

Listen Doc, Don't do it. I warned you.

*Daivd would put his radio away*

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"I don't know who. I'll see if perhaps he can reach to you personally. As said, even if just how to make him comfortable. Its an area I'm not familiar in.

He's not who was shot. Totally different people. Rather complicated situation.

If you think I'm lying or it doesnt feel right, I understand. I would never try to hurt you, but I don't know about who could try to use me. I think this person is ill, beyond where I can do anything. But its up to you. As we spoke before, I understand your reasons. I will try to not take it personally. Stay safe Doctor Hope."

"I'm not sure which doctor you are referring to... I assume doctor Hope?"

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The transmission just crackles whilst Hope listens before taking her turn.

"Ok... One... David what are you on about..."

Warned her on what? Maybe he was losing his mind.... Or he lost that when she first met him.

"And two.... I'll come. All this.... stuff about packages and injured people is making me feel a little wary. I just want to know if they're both related.... And if not then... Nevermind... I'm coming over."

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"They will have to be separate meetings, as they are not related. I have no idea where Jim is or what he has for you. "

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