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I am going home (Pekko priv freq)

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*As Pekko whiped his tears, he decided it was time to head home. He had gotten what he came for, his mom probably missed him and this place turned worse everyday. As he was about to pick up his backpack, he decided to send one last message*

Hello! All friends! Everyone! I hope you hear this! I really do.

*A sigh could be heard through the radio, followed by a sniff*

Faith. Faith. Faith. I miss you. I miss you so very very much. You have been for me here since day one. I remember it as yesterday. How I thought I was still in russia, and as I stubled upon you I got to knew that I was not! I remember how nice all of you were. Taking care of me. How we have been singing, dancing and having fun. How me and nils sang that 500 song! 
*Pekko chuckles*
Oh I miss you guys. Where did you go? Did you and Nata go to a safer spot? Is even steven with you?

Nata. Nata. Nata. You were always nice too.. Always making me wounder what you and faith did during the nights

*another chuckles comes through*

Oh I miss you. Nata, I know you loved my singing even though you didnt want to admit it... I know you loved it...

*Pekko starts humming on 500 miles before he sighs heavy and sniffles*

How are you nata? Are you better? Please tell me you are better.... Please.

Even Steven! You crazy fool! Where did you go? Where did any of you go? I don't remember...

Steven! How are you? What are you up to? Maybe we can go for another car ride. Listen to music and sing! You and me. The dynamic duo! Remember that?

And Nils. Nils. Nils. We had our ups and downs. Oh we did. But you saved my life more than once, and I will always remember that. No matter what happened after, I will always owe you one. Just be safe, and take care of the Walkman player, it is valuable.

Louina and Sophi. Well what can I say.

Louina. I know you probably know this, but I want to say it. I love you. That is all I can say... I love you.

Sophi. Sophi! Be careful! The bad men are everywhere, and they can always hurt you. Please take care of Loina for me. She needs you.

*Pekko lets out a small cry, before talking again*

I miss all of you so much, and I hope you hear this. I have decided to leave for home. I am on my way as I do this message. I will probably never come back, as I have seen to much bad things here, too many for the good. If you ever need me, just walk north. To Finland. I will be waiting.

I love you all.



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