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How to remember my RP name ?

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Hi all,

Didn't play since like a year. How to play on the server without getting kicked because of my name ?

Thanks for answer,



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You change it on the menu screen at the bottom right hand corner in the red box, make sure it is a valid RP name like "Joe Jones" or "Tommy Thompson" and you won't get kicked. 

If you struggle to remember it IC maybe right it down on some paper next to you.

If looking for an old one sift through maybe a report you may have been in and tagged in logs..? If not guess it will have to be a new guy!


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HI @Mimz,

If I was you I would just create a new character and use that name from now on or if you made a character a year ago you still might be able to find the page but honestly I would recommend making a new character it's handier. Then just use that name when you log into the server and you'll be fine, remember needs to be a first and last name.

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As stated by Galaxy, a valid RP name is required... You can use any name as long as it is both First and Last (Pekko Vaivalainnen) and not a famous name.


As stated by Shane You may change. You may change character how often you want however I suggest that you to keep the same character for a while before changing.

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Thanks for your answers guys.

More than 1.000 hours on dayz but didn't play since April 2016.

Then, I'm creating a new one, thanks !

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I wan't to add that if you wan't to have longer name then the one DayZ is allowing you, then you can do this :

1 - Open up the start menu and click the documents tab

2 - Click on the ,,DayZ'' folder.

3 - There should be a file name of your computer

4 - Open it up and search for "playerName" or just hold CTRL-F and search for it.

5 - Type the name you want and then save it.

6 - After you saved it, right click to it again and click properties

7 - In this window just tick "read only" and close it.

There is really nice guide from @Ender how to do this - 


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