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Goodbye To Our Friends [Open Frequency]

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Holding the new born child Isabel smiles sweetly. A beautiful baby boy, with Dragoslav's eyes and Isabel's perfect cupid's bow lips. She had never felt so proud. They made it, they survived together, the three of them. The sounds of Dragoslav packing for their journey to their new life in Russia can be heard. Holding Viktor Novak to her chest tightly a tear rolls down her cheek. Grabbing the radio she presses the PTT, ready to say her final goodbyes to any of her friends that may still be alive. 

"Dear friends... I don't even know if you will hear this message or if you are alive and well... but I truly hope that you are. Dragoslav and I have been gone quite some time now, keeping to ourselves and surviving on the outskirts of Chernarus. We are well... all three of us.
We are announcing the birth of our son. Viktor Novak, a beautiful baby boy named in honor of our dear friend Victor Cruz..."

The voice breaks a little as she speaks the emotion filtering through. You can hear a rustle of movement and a murmur of a male voice.

"We are leaving Chernarus for Russia, we have stayed here long enough and it's time we start a new beginning together. I love all of you so very much. Stay safe. We will never forget the life we had here..."

Isabel releases the PTT.
Turning to Dragoslav and kissing him softly. You should say your goodbyes now too. We leave in the morning...

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*David would hasty pick up his radio and scream at the top of his lungs slightly distorting the radio*


That's it, first Vic leaves to juice a girl to death now you two fuck sake best get myself a piece of ass before I die alone in these streets.

*You would hear chairs and misc. furniture being flipping around and being tossed*

*he would compose himself and say in a calm voice*

Stay Gold you two beautiful bastards.

*He would throw his radio against a wall smashing it*

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Dragoslav finishes packing one of their bags, making sure to zip it closed before smiling toward Isabel.
He pats her shoulder as he takes the radio, speaking into it with a calm, happy voice.

"So yeah, the lovely lady here summed up the situation fairly well. Chernarus was fun, but it isn't exactly the best family environment."

He clears his throat as he looks to the child, continuing to speak soon after.

"Most of my friends are either dead or missing, but to those of you who are left, love you all. This is especially for David, my favorite surrogate father. Stay safe. Maybe we'll return some day, but for now, onto greener pastures."

He allows the transmission to cut to static, his finger moving to gently stroke his son's hand.

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*Nikolas presses down hit PTT and screams loudly*


*He lowers his voice*

Ah nevermind I'm sure David has like ten other adopted children*

*He releases the PTT*


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Hope lifts her head up. At least there was some good news.

"I'm glad you two-- three, excuse me, are alright.... I'll make sure to tell Victor the good news. Even though we've had our ups and downs, I wish you the best on wherever you go... If... never mind... Stay safe Isabel and Drag... Make sure to keep the little one wrapped up. Safe travels..."

Hope places the radio down, her head shuffles low to look at the ground. Inching a somewhat smile; but it was difficult. She continues walking back to the house she's stocked up at.

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