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Sam Fields

The Cavalier's Frequency (101.9- Private)

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*The PTT is pressed by a shaking hand. A harsh, hollow British voice sounds through*

"I.... patrols are to r-return to Lake Victoria immediately. There's... something happened. The L-Lord Captain's wounded. Christ everybody is bloody wounded..."

*He coughs hard and then spits his mouth's occupants onto the ground. You may of heard the rattle of teeth as they spewed out*

"Get back to camp and g-get these men help... I-I need to take a moment. Away from it."

*His voice becomes nothing more than a fraught whisper*

"So many bodies. Even the women weren't spared."

*He chokes back tears just as he released the PTT* 

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"Grab the wounded and GET OUT OF THERE NOW! Somewhere else!

They're probably waiting for first responders,and going to attack again. Common tactic!

Get thewounded stabilized the best you can and get out of there as fast as you can. 

I'll meet up with you to help the wounded. Maybe go to where we were last night?  I'm still there.

If you can, what injuries are we looking at? I can give direction over radio, but I want to have an idea of priority and what we are dealing with."

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*Anthony hears someone speak on the frequency he uses to communicate with the 'lord' and begins to transmit*

No worries pal, we will be meeting you there.

We've given you too much time to respond to our deal. 

You better have some goodies for us when we get there, or the peoples army will be very disappointed. 

*He puts the radio aside*

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*The PTT is pressed. He growls down the frequency, his voice still weak*

"Oh just piss off would you?"

*He slowly speaks into the radio with deep consideration*

"Breda... we're heading to Breda, gentlemen. Miss Smith, I will find you personally."

*The PTT is released as the man slings his rifle back onto his torn up shoulder*

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"I'll be here. Be careful."

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