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*Lo stumbles with the other person beside her into one of the buildings near by, she plops down on the ground and nods only vaguely understanding what the other is saying before they run out leaving her alone for a moment. She adjusts her position leaning back against the wall before pulling free her radio and staring at, choosing to press down the PTT.*

Sh-Shane, I know I ran off again. Sorry about that, I'm worried ... You might think somethin', uh, hmm... Bad might of happened? But, I'm ... Uh, alright.

*She pauses, squinting down at the radio confused her head pounding and her side aching slightly.  She lightly shakes her head, gathering her thoughts and trying to formulate her words but finding difficulty.*

I'll be okay, Taz has me. Had me, had us. Took us. He did a good job, I know you feel like ... Sometimes you can't trust others, because they do tend to be ... not as honest, specially about how they feel, but ... He did good, promise. He wrapped me up, like a burrito but ... I'm not quite ready... We're okay, either way. We ran into some trouble but we made it out, we did a great escape. Though...

*She grunts softly, shifting her position again and running a hand on the back of her head feeling the welt.*

Ahh, you know ... I'm okay, I'm always okay. Forever okay, I make sure ... I'm okay, just so you don't worry. Just gonna rest up, yeah? Just stay here and ... relax. Go on vacation, spring break. I think most of this is from that ... Weird British dude's alcohol... I woke up this mornin' and I-I, ah-

*She clears her throat*

It ... I still felt it, you know? The alcohol, I mean ...

*She pauses again, the static whining on the line as she keeps the PTT depressed, blinking slowly.*

Heh, feelin' a little sleepy now ... Think I need a nap... I could use a rest, a good rest, warm and ... comfortable... like last night... Taz should be back soon. I guess it wouldn't be a bad time for you to, you know, show that 'not bad' face of yours around? Maybe stop by ... Say hello before you go to work, sometimes you forget and I get a little ... down.

*She trails off, releasing the PTT and slumping back against the concrete wall, her eyes fluttering.*

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*Shane pushed himself up to a better sitting position against the wall, taking a breath in. He was grateful for the time alone, he didn't want to show his pained state to anyone, especially her. He depresses the PTT*

"That's... that's good, girlie... just be careful... stay safe. Make it back... when you can..."

*He clears his throat, taking a pained breath.*

"It's... uh... work? I'll... be there. Soon. Just... need some rest..."

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*Lo blinked in rapid succession, it felt like she had only close her eyes for a few moments but now it was much later and she was covered with a over sized jacket like a blanket and her radio was laid on her lap crackling static and words, she wiggled a arm free wincing only a bit from the movement and pressed down the PTT. Lo spoke with a more coherent and clear voice.*

Ugh, Shane? My head is pounding ... I forgot what I was on about before, did I reach out to you? Are you alright? Don't worry, I'm fine. Taz and I are okay, we're holed up some place safe for the time being and I think he's ... Snoring? 

*She shuffled around, maneuvering to get a better look at the figure across from her, one arm supporting her side.*

Ack! I'm a little  ... Achey, but I'll live. I think I'll be able to start moving soon, we'll come back and find you. Try not push your self too hard, okay? I'm worried about Pish Posh and his friends, they were there too... I hope they all made it out and aren't any worse for wear... 

*She muttered to herself quietly.*

Maybe, I should ... ask.

*She cleared her throat and returned to her train of thought.*

Just stay put, I'll be back and with Taz in toe. Still haven't seen Dove since the other day, may need to locate her too...

*She released the PTT, setting herself back down and letting out a exacerbated sigh.*

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*Shane reached slowly across himself, grabbing the radio. He had not moved much since the last transmission, just enough to get himself some water and an MRE, which sat next to him, partially eaten with little appetite to finish it. He hit the PTT*

"I hear you, girlie... Take your time. I'm not going anywhere..."

*He clears his throat, pulling his M4 closer to him with a frown as he hears a faint howling close by, one which might be heard over the radio.*

"If you wouldn't mind... find some more painkillers while you're out? Not that I need them..." He lied. "Just be nice to have them on hand..."


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*Lo packed up her bag, giving a curt nod to Taz letting him know she's okay enough to move. She retrieved her radio from next to her knee and pressed down the PTT.*

I'm about headed out, gonna see about Pish Posh though, you know how I am. I always get ... worried. I want to make sure-

*She gave a quick look to Taz, before turning back to the radio.* 

Noise? Makin' noises are you? That's a new talent, or maybe your tummy is rumbling awfully loud? 

Hmm... Also, painkillers? Are you, ...

*She paused for a second, deciding against what she was thinking.*


I can do my best, I'll keep a eye out and you keep a ear out, alright?

*She released the PTT.*

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*He grimaced, flicking the safety off of his rifle as he heard another howl, he couldn't not tell if it was closer or not.*

"Yep... ears out... You got it."


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