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A Greeting [Open Frequency]

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*Morgun plays with the radio pressing all the buttons to his hearts desire. Suddenly, he presses a button that responds with a beep and static.*

Oh look, da wadio talk to meee!

*A smile pops up on Morgun's face as he turns to the person sitting behind him while still holding the button you slightly can hear him talking*

Look Victoria, Morgun make da wadio talk!

*Morgun then turns back to the radio and speaks to it*

Hellooo wadio! Mah name iz Morgunnn! It's niceee too meeet youuuuuu!

*He lets go of the button to see if it responds back*

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*Cecil hears the same daunting voice of autism down the radio and picks up the PTT button*

Victoria eh...? Funny you mention that....

I don't know how you are still alive though, luckiest fucker goin!

In good heart ya little idiot 

*Cecil smiles and lets go of the PTT button*

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*Morgun hearing the radio talk back looks at Victoria, again pressing and holding the button*

Look Victorweuh! Da wadio talk back to Morgun!

*Victoria sighs, looking up from the can of beans she is eating, and flips Morgun off. Morgun turns back to the radio smiling, not knowing what the middle finger means*

What iz funny mista wadio?!

*Morgun lets go of the button*

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