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We are all we have.

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Part 1 - Jay and Aurora: Beginning of Our End
Part 2 - Say Goodbye
Part 3 - Coming Soon


Not a single day goes by where I don't think off all the brothers and sisters we left behind in Chernarus.  We couldn't take being on the run anymore.  Our home was taken in our absence and I can't blame them, I can't get angry with them.  How can we claim something that we so willingly left behind?  It will always be our home in heart.  I will never be able to forget the friendships that I forged, the family that we built on that damned cliff up in Stary Yar.  We had been through it all - war, sickness, death, abandonment... whatever you want to name there ain't a damn man or woman who has seen the things that we have seen.  Who hasn't fought the fight that we had fought.  We spent day in and day out fighting the struggle to become the monsters that we look upon now.  I don't mean the infected either.  There are monsters amongst men.

My hardships have brought me all the way to Italy.  A rather large vineyard that myself and my wife Aurora have turned into a sort of safe haven.  We did the same exact thing that we did back in Chernarus.  We found people, we created a home and we've made another family.  Yet this one is different.  There isn't a single person in the vineyard, young or old, that we feel the same towards as we felt towards our true family.  The ones we struggled with since day one of the new world.  Of course, we couldn't let that empty feeling get to us.  People depended on us as always.  That empty feeling couldn't brood into an excuse nor would I let it.  I don't think Aurora would let me anyways.  We house around 23 people here in the vineyard.  Five couples, a few children, two infants and the rest stragglers that didn't feel like they had a place left in this cruel world.  We pride ourselves in giving place, in giving faith to those who feel lost or not wanted.  It's in our nature at this point.  We trade supplies with the local groups and have helped create active trade routes between most of the settlements alongside the northeastern part of the country.  A mighty success one would say.  Haggle would be real proud.

The last time we had made our way to Chernarus, I entrusted Ender to gather everyone he could and bring them here.  I worked extensively with maps, making sure the family made it around Chernarus without getting lost.  I planned scavenging trips, sought out safe areas in the country to hide if need be, the whole nine yards really when it came to anything navigating.  When Aurora and I drove back we took enough time to let me make a detailed route for Ender to follow.  The rest was on him; as much as we would have loved to stay and help gather the others ourselves we simply couldn't since we had a new home we had to run.  There were others that now depended on us and though we may have made mistakes in the past we were not going to make the same mistake again with a different group of friends and family.  We weren't going to completely abandon our real family either.  In the back of my head I don't expect anyone to show up with Ender whenever he decides to come to us, but I would want nothing more than to see Ender pull up with everyone else.  Rooth, Arcarius, Bonnie, Clyde, Jade, Tom, Desmond, Haggle and the rest of his boys... all of them.  That would fill the void that I feel now.

I dedicate at least an hour a day sitting in our radio room on the old frequency trying to intercept their arrival.  Along with that, towards the end of the day I spend around two to three hours sitting up in a watchtower that we built to see if I spot Ender coming in with a truck.  For at least a whole year now I've always left the watchtower disappointed.  I know one day he will show up, as long as he isn't dead.  Ender is here because of us and he promised that he would come.  He never gave me an estimate on how long it would be before he showed up, but I will never abandon that post.  I will spend every last day of my life looking out for him... awaiting his arrival to the new home that we have built not only for our new family, but for our old family as well.  This is just as much for them as it is for the people that we have encountered along our current journey.

This is the beginning of our end.

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47 minutes ago, KpopKilla said:

Nice read man, you got some room for a few Irishman at that vineyard of yours?

I highly suggest you pay attention to radio chatter then in the coming week.  You know our frequency.

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Updated with part two.  Part two is a radio chatter edition.  You can find it here or in the original post linked above.

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