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Cry for Help........[Open Frequency]

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*she fumbles with her vest, her left hand clumsily working free the extra battery stored there, her other grasping what her deteriorating vision revealed was a radio. After a couple of attempts, she manages to slip the battery in place and work the dial. Several ragged breaths are heard as she taps on the mic a few times, tears of frustration making it hard to see, she finally brings it to her lips while her other hand tries to apply enough pressure to her throat to emit sound, she finally manages to speak, her voice hoarse, the tones hard to modulate as she forces out a few words*


*the frequency remains open, remaining quiet until a heavy thud is heard followed by a short clatter of sound for a split second before the transmission ends*

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*Arty raises an eyebrow at the transmission and decides to answer pushing down the PTT*

Hey, you alright? you sounded pretty hypothermic, maybe you should start a fire or find a heatpack.

*He releases the PTT and waits for any kind of response*

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*Cecil hears the radio call and decides to charm in for old times sake*

I mean... no one can't help you unless you give us a location...

That's if you are not already dead that is...

*Cecil depresses the PTT button and leaves it at that as something of a "Good deed" for the day*

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*Pekko walks down the road, checking the radio channels as usual when there suddenly comes noise from the radio. He listens to the people speaking, and thinks for a while. He sits down on a bench by a little pond, before responding*

He-Hello? Are you burning? Or are you cold? What help do you need? Hello?

*He pauses a bit*

As the man said... You got to tell us where you are if you need help! 

*Some static can be heard, as well as some humming, before pekko releases the Ptt*

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*Yehka quirks a brow as she pushes the PTT down*

"Allo? Does teacher not teach burning lady 'stop, drop, roll' in school? You say you are burning? Aah. I know. You need toothpaste. Works very well, da. Don't believe? Set hand on fire. Put toothpaste on burn. Simple! Burn is dealt with. No need to thank."

*she releases the PTT*

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*Daley presses the PTT Button*

" I'm just going to wait for all the people that want to help you to reply to this message... You know.. The ones that get a hard on when ever they hear a female voice? What do they call them again? Oh yeah...


*The radio would fall silent*

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*Strawberry reaches for his radio while pressing down the PTT he yells*

"Braaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaady, I got something you.. you may like.. another princess in distress *Giggles* for you"

"Don't worry, lady.. my friend will find you, he once searched the whole north just for a female"


*Strawberry releases the PTT while looking over at Brady*

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*Lo presses down the PTT, her actions slow and her voice delayed and without much inflection.*

It's ... Okay, everyone... We found her, she's ... going to be okay...

*A sound of rustling and disgruntled noises can be heard while Lo speaks to someone barely audible in a now shaky voice.*

N-no, don't move you have to stay still, Shane ... She-just, lay down, okay?

*Lo clears her throat and returns back to her Radio, but all that can be heard is a long silence, punctuated with rises in static for a few minutes.*

We're fine, we don't need any help. Please. She's alright, and we'll be okay. Just, stay away. Okay? 

*Lo releases the PTT.*



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