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Dear anyone who cares [Open Freq]

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*Oliver picks up the radio , and broadcasts the following message *
*Voice tone is very angry and is in a chernarusan accent*

"Dear everyone that fucking cares about this world" , "You people don't actually get it do you .  Robbing people , Killing people and *sighs* torturing people , just because they where from this country is a dumb fucking move" 
*Voice tone goes louder*
"Especially to a man like me !" " I have had it up to here , with foreigners beating me up , burning my face and shooting me just because i am chernarusain"
"It is time to act ... and act is what i will do "
"You brought this on your selfs "

*Oliver stops talking on the radio , and smashes it with a hatchet*   

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[Donny spits out his cold beverage when he hears the transmission, laughing he holds down the PTT]

"Another chernarussian wanting to kill foreigners? Join the crows buddy but its you Vs. The world"

*he takes a sip of his drink*

"Your irrelevant... Mr 'Ive had it up to here!' See you on the flip side dumbass"

[Donny releases the PTT]

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*Taking a stroll around the outskirts of his house, Andy hears the transmission of both men and then holds down the PTT button*

"Whatever, what difference does it make joining them, hm? Strength in numbers? Being surrounded by people equally dumb as you? Does that make you feel better?"

*He takes a quick break from talking*

"You're gonna end up as another dead body on the sidewalk sooner or later. Take it as a threat or don't. Eitherway, I couldn't care less about you dickweeds. You're not gonna last."

*He lets his radio drop into his pocket again and keeps on walking*

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*Warwick, sat on a old sofa in a house, eating an apple picks up his radio and begins to flick through the channels. He flicks to one in particular and listens to the man on the other side, he continues to eat the apple wondering if the guy on the other side has a death wish. Before responding he picks up a bottle of Whiskey  and holds done to PTT*

"Lad, you seem like ye got your nickers in a twist."

*He takes a swig of the Whiskey and the sound of the liquid can be heard crashing inside the bottle*

"I don't think people be taking ye just because you're one of the local lads but more because your a bit of an asshole with a chip on ye shoulder!"

*he takes another swig from the Whiskey bottle*

"Aye, stop acting in such a way that'll get ye killed boy and announcing it to the world, cause ye might not know who be listening on the other end."

*The bottle can be heard be placed on the table then the radio goes silent as Warwick releases the PTT*

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*Aleksei is switching through frequencies when he hears the chernarussian accent he listens in a bit more carefully. After a brief moment of consideration he presses the PTT* 

'Bratr travel down to Zelenogorsk, you will know who we are if we meet* 

7 hours ago, Kyle_Jones said:


*Aleksei stares with a confused look at his radio and a brief memory involving a sledge hammer and ,what he could only asume was, a broken skull pops up in his mind*

'I see Viktor was in a good mood when he attempted to cave the back of your head in with his sledge hammer or you're extremely lucky. I haven't seen many people recover from a blow that size. I'm amazed at the fact that you're even still alive , I hoped that he hit you just hard enough to cause some damage to the  frontal lobe of your brain so we wouldn't be forced to hear your empty threats and ridiculous taunts day in ,day out...'

*Aleksei releases the PTT and finishes packing a tarp and places it under a car. he mumbles to himself 'can't break what you don't have, I guess'*

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7 hours ago, Saintz said:

because they where from this country is a dumb fucking move" 

*Daley presses the PTT button* 

" Chatting shit over the radio and baiting yourself is a fucking dumb move mate... 

Stop chattin' shit over the radio and do something about it... Stop being a little... What do they call you? Oh yeah...


*The radio would fall silent*

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*Strawberry quickly picks up the radio with a smiles on his face he presses down the PTT*

"Hey, nerd, why don't you calm down, huh"

"Out of the tone of your voice, I.. I would like to say you're on the edge of crying"

"Be happy, you're still.. still alive, from what I hear you should have been killed, don't sound like a so called.. ehh, man that can survive on his own"

*He giggles*

*Radio cuts off*

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