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i need help over team speak whast should i do

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Join the ts at:

ts.dayzrp.com  Password is dayzrp

or press this link:



Go to a channel called:

Waiting For Staff Help


Staff will be with you shortly.

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Hello Tiffany,

as Otter has already said above, if you are in need of help that requires talking to any of staff members over teamspeak do the following: connect to DayZRP teamspeak server and join the "Waiting for staff help" teamspeak channel and one of the staff members will talk to you soon after you do so.

DayZRP teamspeak IP: ts.dayzrp.com

Password to the teamspeak server: dayzrp

Also if you feel like this question was answered please press the "Mark this as best answer" in the top left corner of the post you think if the right answer.


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Just do what otter and majoo said go to waiting for staff help once your on TeamSpeak and go from there some sort of staff member will be there to help you out. If not then you could try the newcomers channel if anyone is in there.

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