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Day 990 (T-10 Days)

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Ten days left everyone. Ten days from now, day 990, will be day 1000 since the outbreak according to the front page counter. A lot has happened over this large span of time both in and out of character. I'd like to use this mark in DayZRP to reminisce and reflect.

1) How many people have you met during your time in DayZRP both in character and out? Any friends or groups who are gone, or have returned?

I have met a lot of fun people out of character and have come across countless unique people in character. Everyone is always different and fun in their own way. I don't plan on going anywhere and enjoy getting on and meeting new people. I have spent a lot of time with people I have recently met as well as those who have stuck with it for as long as I have. It's good to meet up with them every now and then and remember DayZRP from years ago together.

2) How do you feel DayZRP has affected you over the time you've spent with DayZRP both in and out of character?

I am pretty much the same I was when I started, DayZRP has been the same for me as always. It hasn't made any huge impacts on me, for some people it has. For me it is simply fun. In character I have gone through too many characters but that's why it's fun because I have that freedom to experiment with voices, and personalities. My current character is probably the second character I have spent a long time on. My last one was likely over a year ago.

3) Do you play for the same reasons you started if you are a long time player? If you are new why have you started playing?

I started playing DayZRP because it looked like good fun. I thought it'd be a good time to run around with a Russian voice acting like I was in an apocalypse. It's definitely been interesting. I used to play because I needed entertainment, I was bored and this was cool. Now I play because it has become even cooler and I have people to play it with that I have met along the way.

There have definitely been rough patches along the way, in character, out of character. Specifically related to DayZRP and DayZ itself. Yet a lot of us still play and that's because DayZRP is good fun. It isn't fun every day but that's normal. DayZ isn't perfect but everyone bought DayZ knowing that it would be an early access ride. RP is a dynamic thing and you can't set any expectations because no one knows 100% what you want, you just have to make the best out of it and absorb the crazy world. It's constantly changing, evolving, adapting and bringing about new ideas and people.

With that said feel free to reminisce and reflect!

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This is a great time to reminisce.

I have met hundreds of people in this lovely community. The first person I ever met here was @Tristyn, and I still love playing with him to this day. We still talk about how we met as it still blows my mind, we found eachother at a helicopter crash at northwest airfield last July. We were wearing literally the same exact load out. Same shirt, pants, same gun, same hat, same EVERYTHING. From there I met a lot more people, people like @Dio Brando, @About 33 Asians, @diefreak, @ComradeAxel, @Cody Husky, and so many more that taught me how to be a hero in a world of rot and ruin. Than, those same people taught me how to torture RP and all this other great stuff. They really showed me what RP was all about. Groups that I will always remember would be, the Saints, SOF-004, The Family, and my current one the symptom. All these groups did it for the roleplay, we didn't care about the gear, we didnt care about going out and killing every person we saw, we really just went out everyday to give the best RP we could. Recently I have started playing a lot again, and I have made a lot more friends. People that stick out are @Galaxy, @Jamie, @Boston, @Coreena, @Lyca, @Strawberry, @2Eazy, and so many more I cannot even name them all. 

Surprisingly I never thought an online gaming community could affect how I act in the outside world, but this one has taught me a lot. When I first joined I was very immature, young, and extremely shy. Let me start with how this community taught me to be outgoing. From leading various groups, I have learned you have to control everything and anything you want to succeed. You cant just half ass it and expect it to launch off, you have to give it everything you got. Before in the outside world I would be scared to tell someone they took my seat, but now I have the full and utter confidence to tell someone to fuck off if I have to. Being apart of the team that runs an amazing community has taught me so much on maturity. Making sure that you are setting an example for the rest of the community has really kept me in check. 

At this point I wouldnt expect myself to be known as a long time player as I have only been here for over a year, but I will comment on this last point. Overtime, the idea of RP has changed significantly in this community. It use to be about going out, developing a story that might turn into something great, and doing things for the RP(this is the way I was taught at least). People didn't use the rules to do something that is completely pointless and doesn't effect a character at all. Executions are a prime example of this. You gain execution rights if you simply get robbed. If someone comes up to you and steals a banana from you, you can shoot them in the face and send them back to the coast. To me this makes no RP sense, you are shooting someone just so they can run up from the coast, regear, and continue on with their character. There is no real consequence to a persons character with executions. Recently I have been seeing people use execution rights as simply a way to just kill them, and they wont even care enough to continue the RP. Personally I see things here as completely changed, people care more about PvP it seems now than actually going to someone and rping. I do plan on making a topic on this in the future, but for now that is my rant. 

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1) How many people have you met during your time in DayZRP both in character and out? Any friends or groups who are gone, or have returned?

I have met some amazing people during my time, a few worth mentioning. We have the old ones like @Chappy and @FUNERAL, and I guess @Razareth too. Real good friends. Also some people that have left due to one reason or another. We also have some of my newer friends like @Sarilla @Lyca @Ramon 

I could mention so many more, and I probably missed someone worth mentioning. Defenetly made a lot of real good friends here.

2) How do you feel you DayZRP has affected you over the time you've spent with DayZRP both in and out of character?

I feel like I have became a great rper over all, contrary to when I started and was fresh to this type of superhardcore RP, which I just tried a little before. I was used to more lightweight RP and this was a new level for me. The community has also gotten as a second home for me. Here is my friends I talk to everyday, here I can speak to people about whatever. I love the people here, even though we sometimes have split opinions.

3) Do you play for the same reasons you started if you are a long time player? If you are new why have you started playing

I started due to and another community I had been in had gotten shut down, and all the others I checked out just didn't seem to fit me. I decided to try here, because it seemed serious and well structured, as well as good RP.

The reason I am now staying is ofc all my friends I made here, but also because there is no other place with rp this good, and I can not settle for less when I have more ;) 

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Shout out to my bros!

@Brady been with me since day zero

@2Eazy You my mans forreal, we strong arm and have the best rp together

@Jamie The suspense and tension between our characters but also how our characters act are amazing

@Roach you da best, met you on my 2nd day here

@Boston Kabal baldies xD 

@Rolle thank you for having this place

@Chief You my wibba! 

@Galaxy My welsh dude!

@Dio Brando I miss you bro, come back

@Greenie cannibal partner xD 

@Strawberry has a bean obsession 

I loved this place so far, everyone has fun playing, this place allows me to relax after a long day at work, shoutout to the amazing roleplayers out there!

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