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How not to get mugged- Hints or Tips please

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Dear reader,

First of all I would like to thank you for your time and perhaps a response.

I have been playing DayzRP for a little while now, therefore still not an expert.

When I start playing I start collecting some gear, maybe find a melee weapon or perhaps even some firearms.
I finally get a little geared and then it happens.. I got hold up by 2-3 people and they tell me to drop most of my stuff on the ground.

Some are decent and let me leave with my clothing and some food, others take all..

As I love the looting and scavenging aspect when starting out I would like to keep doing so.

Does anyone have some good tips on how not to get raided/mugged? Once or twice is alright but 3-5 times a day is just not fun anymore..



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That's just a part of the RP, I can suggest not having a load of gear like fully kitted M4's etc... or roll around with a group of friends! safety in numbers.


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If you have no wish to get robbed then you can try a few things. 

  • Give up; Carry nothing on you but the bare necessities to avoid attracting attention.
  • Make friends; Having even one person to run around with will prevent most robberies by inexperienced bandits.
  • Hide; Stay away from the center of the map, aka the triangle. This area is where much of the roleplay happens, but it is also rife with bandits.
  • Use the radio; Using the radio is a good way to organize roleplay with friendly groups that may let you hang out with them and you might experience some great RP.

Some of these suggestions are fun, some not, but this is the world we choose to RP in. Banditry is part of the game, you have to adapt to survive. After a while you might even find yourself thriving while balancing relationships and RP in order to keep yourself safe.

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Here is few tactics you could use to help reduce your chances of being robbed as its gonna happen eventually but a few things that can help delay it are:

  • Being really nice. I rarely rob the super nice people since I either find them boring or I would feel bad being hostile to them. On the times I have taken a nice guy hostage I've almost always let them go with all their shit just because of how they behave.
  • Watching what you say. It kinda goes with the first bullet but generally people that don't act like a dickhead or try to flex their gear/numbers/kills etc. dont get in as much shit as the people that do. Don't give too much information that could possibly give them a reason to hold you up either. Try and stick to simple answers and caution.
  • Avoiding it entirely. You could just hide all day long and never have to worry about hostilities but thats no fun. Some bandits are pretty devious and come where you least expect them. Other times they are really obvious with their intentions. Generally the obvious ones should be avoided, just don't look stupid running away from a pack of armed guys without at least making some contact.
  • Never travel alone. Pretty obvious. You might still get held up but at least with some backup you have a fighting chance should you choose not to comply. Larger numbers will also scare off the smaller bandit groups and maybe they can become your prey instead.

Just some tips and tricks off the top of my head.

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Thanks a lot guys!
This will definitely help me survive and not get robbed.

I guess I need to learn to give better answers and perhaps even leave some of the precious and wanted gadgets laying instead of bringing all.

Thanks for the information and boosting my mood and I'm ready for some more roleplay.
Have a good weekend lads.


(happier) Markus

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Hello @Markus

Being a survivor can be difficult, especially alone. In numbers you are a lot safer, and therefor I reccoment you to look at the group pages to see if anything fits you, aswell as you can post in the looking for group thread to tell others what you are looking for and maybe someone will contact you! Both of these will help you  to get some friends who can help protecting you, and you can help them!

You also have some great tips in the posts above! Myself I would reccomend not wearing and carrying the more rare loot. Keep simple clothes and simple weapons. For example, carrying an SVD is a sure way to get robbed, however if you just have a makarov people might not feel the need to rob you. Clothes such as jeans and shirt is better than cargo pants, vest and M65 jackets...

There are areas that you could avoid, such as "the triangle" - novy, stary and kabanino - as well as NWAF, as these are known to have a high rates of bandits in them

If you feel that your question has been answered, do not forget to solve this and mark the question that helped you the most!

Good luck and stay safe!

Edited by Saradomin

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Thank you Saradomin,


Hereby this case is solved.

I have given the best answer to ''Otter'' but all the answer are very much appreciated.


Thanks again.

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Schnitzler's (maybe) certified guide on how to not get robbed

SCHRITT EINS: Crutual step: try and avoid confrontation with allready bandit looking people. To be completely fair here, this might not work all the time but if you see someone double-carrying around an SVD and a decked out M4 along with that massive backpack with 40 slots, that Gorka Helmet, a skull balaclava and full military clothing, it's best to stay away, also for the RP. I haven't seen anyone in full military gear deliver some half-decent RP but that's only my expirience.

SCHRITT ZWEI: Try to look unimportant if you do come across some dodgy guys. Not carrying around all that much gear might lead to them not being interested in robbing you. I suggest a good mix between civilian clothing yet also a good amount of carrying capacity (i.e. A hoodie, cargo pants and like a hunting backpack for example)

SCHRITT DREI: Don't make anyone angry. I think this is kinda obvious tho.

SCHRITT VIER: And the final step, which is of course optional: git gud at PVP if you can't avoid confrontations

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Is all pretty self explanatory.

Don't run alone with items considered bandit bait ie: svds m4s and the like.

Don't be edgy to everyone you meet.

and find a group. the more numbers on your side the less someone will risk robbing you.

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Just don't run into me, I rob to further develop my character in an environment that makes me comfortable and safe.

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