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A Voice Over The Radio [Open]

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*Jedidiah picks up his radio trying to find words to say. He thought about what he had seen so far and about the great journey ahead of him. He had to find Nadia, he had to find his unborn child.*


"Hello... Is anyone out there.... I need a place to live....."


*The transmission went dead.*

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*Andy, siting around in an abandoned pub, looking through the shelves for any booze, hears his radio spring to life for a few seconds. After the ransmission ends, he grabs his radio and holds down the PTT*

"Uhm, hey there... a place to live, huh? Well... personally I have some suggestions if you wanna hear em'. Nothing too wild. Maybe if you first tell me your name and why you're looking for a place to stay, we can continue this discussion. And also what you have in mind, just so I know."

*The transmission ends and Andy puts his radio back in his pocket, awaiting a response*

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*Lo shuffles along the road, kicking stray pebbles and stones from her path while tugging on the straps of her oversized pack. She keeps in line with Shane's steps as they move, attempting to following his gait with no avail. Her radio on, keeping their silence a little less quiet with the soft voices of other people. While they walk Lo hears a familiar voice come through and listens to the conversation. She continues her over exaggerated stride but pulls free her Radio from her pocket and presses down the PTT.*

Ohh, hey! It's old man Jenkins! Well, I mean ... Jeb... Or something, Right?

*She giggles.*

We met twice, remember? Back in Severo? By the road and church, with the nice girl in purple that you happened to know from before? I had the pink hat! You say you're homeless and stuff? Well, gee Mister you don't have to be homeless if the whole wide world is your home! That's what we do, we walk ALL over! Everywhere is our home! Woods, towns, cities!

*She grins at the back of Shane's head while she talks, imagining he's rolling his eyes at her.*

Keep ya chin up, keep walkin' around! I promise, once you see the all the fields, forests and grass as your home you won't feel so home less, ya know?

*She releases the PTT jogging to catch up side to side with Shane.*

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