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The Traveler

I've got to go for a few months...

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The Traveler    137
Posted (edited)

Hey there everyone! 

You might be saddened (Or bloody ecstatic, who knows? ) to hear I have to go away for a few months... 

It's nothing to do with the community, no big massive rant about how everything is crap from me! :D

Rather I have to leave as I am off home for a few months from uni. I want to spend time with my family... my Nephew who is now at 3 months, my little Brother who is about to go through his GCSE's and I feel like he'd be able to have help from... well gosh I dunno an Aerospace Engineering student,  and my sisters who haven't seen me properly in months. :)

With that in mind though I thought I'd do one final rant for the road to get you poor souls through the break from Traveler :P

It's a bloody mess. Complaints over reports, Roleplay, New Lore, Old Lore, Old Grudges and enough OOC salt to season an entire town's sunday roast. But you know what? I bloody love it... Even though times have changed, people haven't. We are all still here overall for good roleplay, good times and all in all an escape from our real lives for a few hours at a time! 

And sure ,we've had problems lately. But I mean just look around you guys! More people are talking things out over TS, more interesting Roleplay is happening (I've bloody seen it first hand), we got BLOODY LORE MASTERS BACK! (Like seriously! Having LM's back is as unlikely a thing as Roboute Guilliman being brought back to life.... oh wait # Warhammer 40k joke) *Praise be unto staff for this holy gift*... the lore is being wiped and changed for the better and, after talking to them all, I am 100% confident that they will never let the lore go stale on their watch, and that each and every  one of us will be a big part in that. 

We are at the precipice of change within the community, and I for one am proud of how far we've come from the problems we have had to face in the past 12 months... 

But that's enough from me I think, so I will leave you all with a humble request. 

Don't fuck up ok? I'm serious, I am gonna be back in 3-4 months and I expect you guys to have done this server proud! More importantly I want to come back to DayZRP and feel the same level of excitement and enjoyment I first got when I joined back in the mod days! 

Considering how far we've come this year ,I don't think that's too much to ask aye? 

So with that I bid you farewell with some words from Jim Carey :P Peace my Roleplaying Bros! See you in a few months!


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Papa Tachanka    45


Just Remember I'll be here anytime Trav.


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ToeZ    496

In a while, Alex.

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PCJames    202

What a shame, but irl always comes first. Farewell 

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Idole    184

Goodbye, enjoy the time with your family irl always comes first. Have fun and see you when you get back

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