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The life of drug addict - Sobeslav Sejsk

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Hello! I had this idea to create something familiar like @Aiko Mutters of the Mind for so long time and now i feel that i would be actually able to do it. I have never done something like this before so i hope my first time won't be that bad and i am sorry for my grammar :D The story is about a drug addict that has lost his wife and still not born child in the apocalypse. I will be adding more to the story.




I'm Sobeslav... i don't represent the power of hundred man.. i have being suffering my entire life... but now i understand that we are all men't to suffer... God... i miss her so much... Miss her... so.. much..

You know... she was my purpose in life... i... i loved her so much.. she put purpose in my life when there was none... I.. i was finally happy for once in my life... It was like a dream... Until.. until they came...

One beautiful morning... when i was cooking breakfast for her... some... some people broke in our house... god... they.. they toke her from me... they came with weapons pointed at my face and toked my purpose in life...

I don't even know what they wanted from us... but for sure they ruined everything that i had... I wasn't able to do nothing... i watched how the took the only think i am living for.... my wife...

I was broken... i.. i just wanted to end it... i wanted to end all of this suffer... i just wanted to die. I started hanging out with the wrong people... and... i got addicted to drugs.. It all started with simple shit... but after that every single morning i woke up with coke in my nose... I suffered from depression... anxiety.... i just wanted to die... But i told to myself... i told to myself that i will find those people who toked the only think i had... and i will make sure that they will suffer.... god... they will suffer... 

I.. i wasn't sure what to do... or from where to start... but one think i knew was that i will find them... i will find them... i will kill them all and after that commit suicide...

Marshly... i will find them.. 

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Nice read, waiting for when he met us.

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Its being... two months.. since i am alone.. and its.. its really hard...But i still have hope that i will find her... if she is still alive... 

On my way towards Novigrad i went true Green Mountain.... i.. met rather interesting people there... As far as i knew they were locals.. so i felt safe around them... It seems like they lived here and  i was really tired from all of this bullshit so i asked them if i can stay... just for few days... They allowed me.

I.. i actually got pretty close with them... They were really nice to me... After i told them i am searching for my wife, they offered me to stay with them and hopefully we can together find her.. I.. i didn't knew what to say... but.. i guess if more people are searching for her... then better chance to find her...

The past two weeks were amazing.. I met with new people... they were working hard to find my wife... but... there was one kid... called Niko.. who was actually acting really strange and was staring at me all the time... I wanted to stay clean meanwhile i am with them... but i could not help myself... i started taking my pills that i had with me.. But one morning when i woke up... i didn't had my container in my pocket... I searched everywhere in the compound... but nothing.. Then i noticed this kid putting the container in his pocket...

I... waited until we were alone in the compound and i... grabbed the kid by his throat and told him to give back what is mine... Of course he pretended like he don't know what i am talking about... When i was about to beat the shit out of him... other man came into the compound.. so i had to release the kid... I was sure the other person knew what is going on, but he decided to not ask me.

After few days without my drugs... i felt.. miserable... i needed them back...  When we were doing a patrol with the group... i got this kid around the corner and told him if that if i don't get what is mine... then i will kill him.. This time i didn't had luck and another women heard what we were talking about... Her name was Tereza.. She came and pushed me away from the kid and then her husband came... I tried to run away as i knew i fucked up, but her husband was faster then me and was able to get me on the ground.

I expected that i would be killed... after they caught me saying that i will kill the kid.. They got me into a house and started asked me why i was hostile towards the kid... I answered that he had something that is mine and i of course refused to tell them what it was...But i guess they spotted the marks from needles on my forearm and i guess they already knew what i was looking for... At this point i lost my hope and i was sure that they are going to kill me... as they don't like junkies... But suprisingly they actually said that they want to help me... I was sure that they can't change me.... and they can't break my addiction... but i accepted the offer.. They said that if they caught me doing drugs again... they would attach my tongue to car battery... 

After we came back to the compound, they wanted to make sure i won't hurt anyone.. especially the kid.. so they put me in a cell... From then... i was planning how to escape this place...

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Those days... i'v watched how my own people are killing each other... Anger... blood... So many people died in this compound by they're own hands... but what did it means that they were dead? Where had they gone? It was like hole in reality had opened up and swallowed them. But then the really shocking question occurred to me.. If they could die... could it happen to me to? Could that... hole in reality open up and swallow me... could it open up beneath my bed and swallow me as i slept?

They were killing each other... i was scared if they are going to kill me as well... Every single day i watched how blood is spilling in front of my cell... Its... its horrible.. 

After few more days... One guy... Jakob... came to my cell and he let me go.. I was so thankful.. i really though that its only matter of time until i get executed... He... he didn't gave back my weapons or either any food... but i was thankful that i am still alive... 

And once again i was on my own... looking true houses and cities.. hoping that i will survive the day and wake up the morning... I.. i can say that i was doing alright the first week after i was alone again... But then... someone contacted me on the radio... he was talking the typical bullshit.... ,,I own this country! ; I will kill you!'' I was laughing when he said that... I just had enough problems on my shoulders... and its always funny to hear dumb people over radio...

"Ey... fena! How much you gonna continue with this bullshit?"

No answer... I guess he chickened out... When i arrived in Kabanino... i wasn't alone... Some crazy... people with clown masks were in the town... I tried to avoid them and go to my own way towards Vybor... but unfortunately they wanted to talk... Then... i.. i recognized one of the voices... It was the guy on the radio... I guess he recognized my voice as well... I started walking backwards meanwhile they were following me.... I knew i was fucked... I.. opened my backpack and showed them that i didn't had anything... but then..

When i woke up... i was in a house... handcuffed and there was blood all over the floor... When i realized what is going on... one man came into the house... that was the guy on the radio... He... he started talking how he owns this country and that i am nobody... I looked at him and smiled.... it was dumb move... He cut my left ear... I went unconscious because of the pain... When i gained consciousness... i was alone...

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Non of us killed anyone in front of your cell tho. The killing started after you were gone already.

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