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To the Woman in Black [Private Freq]

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*James has just woken up from a rough night's sleep in a barn. He rolls off his haystack and tries to stand up but he is so sore that he tumbles to the ground. He spits out some dirt and decides to just sit on the barn floor. He thinks of the events of yesterday and feeling guilty and confident at the same time, he pulls out a radio and puts in a frequency that he gotten from the unconscious man the day before. He presses the PTT*

Don't worry, I'm not here to apologize; I know that it's far too late for that.

Rather my curiosity has gotten the best of me.

You and your friend, y'all were both heavily armed and heavily outfitted. Your clothing especially almost seemed...spec ops?

Perhaps I'm jumping to conclusions but y'all aren't your usual survivors just trying to get by.

No, y'all are much more than that and I have a feeling there has to be a lot more of you than just what I saw yesterday.

I don't expect a reply, I really don't, but please humor me.

Who are y'all and what do y'all aim to do with such firepower that y'all are amassing?

Are y'all here to save us or destroy us?

Or am I just jumping to conclusions about everything? 

I assure you that this channel is secure.

It is yours after all.

*James releases the PTT. He puts the radio back in his back. He chuckles a little bit and slowly stands up to start another day out in the wasteland*  



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*Nino stands under a pine tree, smoking a stale cigarette when her radio comes to life. For the first second, she thought she bumped the squelch on her radio as she wasn't expecting a transmission from Novigrad at that time. She hears the mans voice and immediately recalls it. Balling her hand up in a fist, she slides the radio off her belt and brings it to her mouth. She depresses the PTT. Her Georgian accent comes over the radio.*

"Secure?!" *she laughs* "How the hell is this secure. You don't even know who I am! It's not just me listening. You've got the ears of potentially over seven hundred people, over two hundred ex-CDF soldiers... You know the plane that flew over South Zagoria a week ago? Yeah that was us."

*she pauses for a moment and sighs, then continues talking*

"So yeah, let's just say my stop at that military installation wasn't just for MRE's. Now... we're reasonable people. The man you shot isn't dead, so you still have a chance to redeem this. Tell me who you were working for, and when we are successful in ridding Chernarus of the infection, we won't toss you out for the wolves."

*She releases the PTT and waits.*

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*James is taking a stroll down a nameless road. He has no destination but that doesn't seem to bother him. He almost seems completely at peace until his radio buzzes. He listens and then responds accordingly* 

Well I like to say I work for myself, but as you saw yesterday that's not exactly the truth.

I currently find myself somewhat alone nowadays and the number of people I can trust seems to get smaller everyday. I've had to turn to dark paths to find comradery and companionship. 

These people are dangerous, that's all I can see and still feel safe about my well being. 

*James puts down his radio. Some might remark that his hands are shaking*

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36 minutes ago, PCJames said:


*she sighs at his coward like attitude and quickly depresses the PTT.*

"Really? I thought you said this frequency was secure... Now... I'm going to make this painfully obvious. This is me talking as Nino Cristavi, not as a representative of Novy Raj... but the people you work for, should you say... these dark people... are a threat to the security of my people. You've already shot one of my men trying to defend pieces of metal and plastic for these people... So I ask you one last time. Who are they? Don't make me slit your throat and look for the words down your throat."

*With confidence in her voice, she releases the PTT*

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*Feeling that his pride is being infringed upon James speaks with confidence*

Don't worry, I understand your concern.

I don't have much that I can tell you in all honesty

These dark people wear purple face masks and like to go by the 'freaks'

They are commonly found in Kab and Stary, but then again, everybody is 

If I knew anymore I'd tell you, but I don't and I really don't want to know anymore

Good luck

*James releases the PTT and let's out a deep breath before he continues on his walk* 

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