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Bounty Addition (Open Frequency)

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*Warden Hollows reclines back in his office, he and his men spending the day to clear out the remains of any squatters and Camps set up during their expeditionary voyage Western. Things were starting to look as they were before everything changed for them in the Winter. Their home was... Home, again. He fixates his monocle and sighs, knowing that making public broadcasts usually doesn't achieve much but an invitation for banter and shit-talking while kilometers away from people. He fixates his glasses while going through Endeavour Western's bounty profile, turning on the microphone to his radio.*

"Good evening to anyone listening in on this frequency. We, Regulators, very seldom make public broadcasts, as it tends to end up in a pissing contest with a volley of insults flung like feces in the Chimpanzee exhibit, but this is information which needs to be shared for public safety.

Mr. Endeavour Western has been officially placed on our Bounty Board. This is a public notice to any and all individuals listening: His capture will bring you a great reward on our behalf. He is wanted for a variety of crimes, some of which being murder on multiple accounts, torture on multiple accounts, sexual assault and human trafficking. This is a highly dangerous man, and he must be contained before he hurts anyone else. Mr. Western is a man from England, in his mid to late fifties and possesses a false left hand, as well as a right peg instead of a leg. He has no left eye, and the only picture we have of him depicts him adorning a brown cowboy's hat, and a six shot revolver. If you come into contact with this individual, you are heavily encouraged to seize him, and bring him to the coastline between Kamenka and Komarovo, in plane view of Austellus, and make radio contact on this frequency.

We will send Agents of Austellus over to verify the man's identity, and you will be brought your rewards for his capture. If we do not have what you desire, we will set up a credit system of payment, and will continue to pay you as long as it is logical until it satisfies your needs. This is Warden Tate Hollows, of the Regulators, thanking you for your time. I will not be responding to further inquiries or comments, nor will I be tuned in. For more information, seek a variety of Bounty Boards posted on coastal town's bulletin boards."

*Warden Hollows shuts off the microphone, and then the radio. He wasn't excited making a public broadcast, and wasn't inclined to listen to negative or repulsive comments which are almost certain to follow the transmission.*

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