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Regulator's Call to Arms (183.6 MHz; Closed Frequency)

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*Warden Hollows can't help but grin devilishly as he speaks into his radio, excited as to what the future holds. His voice is stern, yet his excitement could easily be picked up through his tone if anyone knew him personally enough.*

"Attention, attention! This is Warden Hollows, calling in from Camp Packmann Forward Expeditionary Reserve Base. All expeditionary forces have been directed to return into South Zagoria six weeks ago, and this is the call to arms we've been preparing for. I've sent the Justicars to clear out any squatters, and I had just received the initial reports that the Island has been secured. Our home, has been secured.

We are to immediately pack up anything of value before embarking on the journey back to Austellus. It's time to plant a seed of justice back in the lawlessness of South Zagoria. You have three days from this broadcast to report to Sergeant Major Murdock before you are marked as a 'deserter,' and subsequently throw into the judicial process. This is an exciting time for us all. Good luck, gentlemen. See you home, soon." 

*The Warden clips his radio to his vest, and begins the long homeward trek.*

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*Matthew is sitting in the woods, cleaning  a fresh caught stag when he hears a familiar voice through the beat up old radio, he kept in his Makeshift lean-to*  

"Well shit, I thought all you other boys were dead and gone. 'Cept Tate o' course,  that cunts far to fucking stubborn to die."

*He pauses, looking around his campsite turned home*

"Fuck it, were all gonna' get ourselves killed, but what's life without a little excitement, ay mate? Might as well go out with a bang."

*Matthew smiled for the first time in too long, and went to the lean- to to gather his old kit.*


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*Jacob sits in the top floor of a Zelenogorsk apartment, with his feet kicked up on a table. He eats a can of tactical bacon and a few fresh apples, while sipping a Rasputin Kvass. He flips through radio channels and hears the voice. He sits up and spits out a bit of apple*

"Howdy pardnahs, I never thought that we'd be back together. I saw Murdoch a few days ago and I never thought I'd see this group again. I'm happy to see we got at least 4 fellas back together."

*He pauses, and chugs the rest of his Kvass*

"This country has gon' to hell, and I don't think it'll be coming back. So why the hell not, I've got nothing better to do. See y'all in 3 days or sooner. And lets not try and get killed too quickly Matthew."

*Jacob then shut off his radio, and looked southwest at the sunset, smiling and thinking of his family home at Austellus*

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*Murdock, drunken and tired awakens after hearing Warden Hollow's voice over the radio.*

*Clicks on PTT.*

"Am... Tate, I mean Warden!  What is this? Some sort of practical joke?  Warden there is some pack of inbreds claiming the island.  To be honest they're dumb cunts.  I was able to sneak around the entire island, I got as far the court yard undetected!

They've really wrecked the place Warden.  Ironic it's called Camp Endeavor,  I reckon they're more than just 'camp'!  if you get me?!"


*He pauses, and sips some whiskey*

"I remember meeting Mr Western many months ago, up at Tisy, way way up north.  He sounded like he had throat cancer.  We should make an example out of him Warden, show his people that cancer would be the easy way out for those bunch of  hill billies."

*Another pause, cranking his neck*

"Warden I'll go to the Island tonight.  I will meet you and the boys there, hopefully there's no deserters.... that wouldn't be a wise move on their behalf."

 "Matt, good to hear your voice friend, I just hope, for your sake you've stopped being a chicken cunt!"

"Jacob, we had a good talk the other day.  It's time we made actions speak louder than words."

*Murdock releases the PTT.*

*Murdock stumbles, eventually regains his balance and mumbles 'I hope Tate doesn't smell the whiskey', as he finishes off the bottle, and puts on his old officers jacket.*

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