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Evan Eisenfaust

Where is Everyone? [Open Freq]

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*Evan sits down at the communication station at the abandoned radio tower at Green Mountain.  He starts searching open channels and frequencies desperately to contact any other life out there.*

"H-hello, anyone out there?  My name is Evan Eisenfaust and I am a student from the United States.  Came here three years ago on a field trip in 2014, and by the time the outbreak occurred in country, I went to the mountains and hid as a hermit and survived on my own.  Now that I am older, 17 to be exact, I decided I am confident enough to come out of the mountains and explore the wasteland that was once Chernarus.  Explored all the way up north, went to a couple military bases to see if there was anyone or anything, and moved way down south towards this radio tower in the middle of god knows where.  On my four day journey so far, I have met little to no people, four to be exact.  I hear the gunshots here and there, but I have not seen anyone, this place is desolate, I am beginning to question if there is little to no people left in this wasteland, and I feel alone and hopefully I do not go nuts over it.  If anyone hears me on this channel, please respond and let me know that I am NOT the only one and any recommendations on where to go to find remnants of civilization.  Stay safe out there and god bless."

*Evan lets go of the microphone and takes of the earphones, and decides to stay in the facility to wait for a response overnight, hoping that there is someone willing to talk to him so he does not lose his mind or will to live.  He then falls in a deep sleep in an army barrack.*

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*Lo picks up her radio and smiles. Pushing her hair from her face she presses down the PTT.*

Hey, Mister! I think there's some people hanging out in Severo! Near the Church, you know? The big one? Wait, there's two ... Well, ONE of them! You can always go there and say hi. They're pretty friendly, uhm, if you're smart that is. If you're not too smart then uh, they're not so friendly ... So make sure to keep your wits about you, and don't be a dummy, got it?

*She clears her throat nervously.*

Anyways ... I hope you meet some people soon, we're out here... Somewhere...

*She trails off, lost in thought before releasing the PTT.*

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*Evan wakes up mid morning and checks the radio console, and is amazed at the response he has recieved.  He dials the frequency on the console and also puts it on his handheld walkie talkie and heads out to the north for a little while.  Then he pressed his PTT as he was moving up north near North West Airfield.*

"Oh my god, I would never expect to hear a voice in my life!  Woke up this morning to the sound of gunshots from the south, so I decided to head up north to find this church you are talking about near Severograd.  I stopped there during my time up north, but to no avail, but now that you recommended me to hit this church up there, I am probably gonna do just that.  Made my way up to the military airfield up north to look for anyone, and to stay in a barrack for this afternoon and head to the city by tomorrow.  Thank you for your time and tips for my personal survival.  I am going to bed before I head up there, see you on the far side..."

*Evan presses off the PTT, and begins to trudge through the mud with his AK-74 slinged on his chest with his .357 Magnum in his other hand as he shoots a zombie in the head by the time he reaches North West Airfield to relax and go to sleep to be well rested to find whatever he can and to begin to head towards Severograd.*

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*Lo wiggles one of her crossed legs, leaning her back against a tree and watching the clouds roll past. She hears her radio jump to life with static and a voice. She sits up and listens her smile growing as the man talks. She waits a few moments before pressing down the PTT.*

Heya! Hehe, I'm glad you're happy to hear another voice~! I know, it can get pretty lonely out here ... Specially when you go days without seeing another person ...

*She trails for a moment, but quickly shakes her head picking back up.*

Anyways! The Airfield, huh? Gee, Mister I don't go there at all. I usually stop by that church I mentioned! It's a pretty neat-o place to relax at for a few, you know? I mean, when there's no infected around.

Hm, I'm pretty far away from there though ... The Church,  I mean... It's like ...

*She pauses as she counts, her voice barely audible before speaking clearly once more a little exasperated*

A least a DAY! Maybe more! Augh, there's no way I'll be able to catch you when you're there... W-N-Not that I was, I mean, I wasn't aiming to m-meet you there or anything. That'd be ... UHM, pretty weird, right? Ha, ha...

*She clears her throat, clearly embarrassed.*

ANYways, I'll uhm, you know. Uh, sleep well and all!

*Lo burries her face in head hands as she releases the PTT, muttering to herself quietly.*

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*A thickly accented voice cuts over the airwaves, the heavy scottish brogue deep enough that some might have trouble understanding the content even if the tone is clearly chastising, more like an older brother giving you into trouble than a cruel voice in the dark. A keen ear would pick up the chatter of several voices in the background and the crackle of a nearby fire*

"A free lesson in personal survival for you...Evan, was it? Stop telling people where you're going on an open channel. Definitely stop telling them where you're planning to sleep, lonliness is no excuse for stupidity."

*The radio clicks off, the voice gone without introduction or followup. Unbeknownst to the songbirds on the radio, they'd had an audience over the past few days. Albeit a silent one*

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*Lo hears the radio crackle to life from her hip while walking along the trail in the woods a few steps behind the person in front of her. She pulls it free, turning up the volume and pressing down the PTT.*

Hey there OTHER Mister, that is some good advice! You never know when some weirdo is out there listening in. I mean heck, we just got told that people like to stalk others around here! Something about  ... learning a lot ... from afar. I dunno-

*She pauses abruptly, receiving a agitated glare from over the shoulder of the person in front of her. A muffled reprimand could vaguely be heard.*

Uhh ... Never mind!

*Lo releases the PTT, stuffing the radio back into her pants pocket.

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*Andy, bored as usual, laying in his bed, listens to the people on the radio talking. Then once the woman was done talking, he holds down the PTT button*

"Allright, why do you gotta make me feel like I'm the loonatic here? Hey, I listen to some of the things people spew around on the radiowaves! Doesn't make a damn psyco, now does it?"

*He clears his throat before continueing to talk*

"Anyways, the guy from before wasn't exactly the nicest in telling you that, but he wasn't wrong. Not saying that you should never ever tell people where you are but just generally you gotta stay cautious about things here. I've had my fair share of weirdos and betrayals and I can tell you, that even if you keep you mouth shut, you're still not gonna be able to aviod trouble. At least not forever."

*He takes a quick break from talking*

"Oh yeah, and I guess I'm also still alive if that makes you feel any better. Later!"

*He lays down his radio next to himself and pulls the blanket over his head, trying to catch up on sleep*

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*As the PTT is activated, you might hear the sound of gravel crunching underfoot, with Lo's voice in the background apologizing for something.*

*The PTT is released for a few seconds, presumably so that the broadcaster could respond to the girl, then reactivated. Shane's voice is deep, lightly accented with a southern tinge. He sounds tired, but with an underlying energy to his voice.*

"People are right. Your places you go, those are secret. Where you lay your head, where you take your bag off,"

*He clears his throat.*

"Those are sacred, only tell those you trust most in the world."

*He releases the PTT to a few seconds of silence. To some, if they were hanging on his words, might feel like an eternity, before it activates again.*

"What are you looking for in this world, Evan? Don't tell me people, or conversation. Those are boring answers."

*He sniffs, and a sound comes across the radio, brushing and rough, like he's scratching at his facial hair with one hand.*

"What are you actually looking for?"


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*Lo reclines against her pack in the grass by the road as the two of them have stopped for a moment. She pulls out her Radio and tunes to a few frequencies before stopping again listening to the man speak, then waiting on Shane to finish responding as well. A smirk crosses her face as she throws a quick glance watching him standing next to her scratching at his face before pressing down the PTT.*

Aww, gee other other Mister! Well, I didn't mean to hurt your feelings. I do the same thing, I listen in all the time! I don't speak to much, 'cause well... I don't think it's my place to just interject all the time. But that kid, he sounded a little lonely. Figured I'd throw out some pointers, ya know?

*She giggles lightly before continuing.*

Yeah, I mean there's some odd ones out there but I always make sure to avoid the places I get bad vibes from. Always trust ya vibes, you know? They never lead you wrong, and even if they do you'd still not be around to find out!

All sorts of things have bad vibes, places mostly. But people too! I met this one guy, I dunno what it was... He was nice as could be and we found this hurt lady in the woods. He was so eager to help, and what not but ... I dunno, that lady was messed up kept digging around in the dirt and didn't speak much but the guy we met was just so  ... calm about it all. Freaked me right out, like how can you see a nearly dead lady in the woods digging on some sort of shallow grave and be all chill? Well, I mean he wasn't CHILL chill but like, concerned with what was going on and all but ...Somethin' was off, you know?

*She pauses, looking over to Shane watching his face before continuing solidifying her statement.*

Vibes. Gotta trust your vibes.

*She throws a wide grin at Shane happy to hear him chatting on the radio and releases the PTT.*


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*Lee snorted as the conversation progressed, pausing in the old ruins with a clear overview of his approach before bringing the radio up and off his belt to snap on his PTT, that familiar brogue coming back over the airwaves, unwelcome or otherwise, to respond to those who'd spoken in order*

"There's no shame in listenin' in mate. Let's you know what kind of people you're likely tae run into. And where to avoid"

*He'd quiet down to allow Shane to speak, the man agreeing with him would draw out a quick response of:*

"Aye, Alabama said it best. Never on an open comm"

*He'd settle in, listening to the girl as she rambles on about following your gut, bringing the radio back up when she quiets down. The click of the PTT would broadcast the rustling of foliage for a moment before the crunching of gravel*

"That's more good advice. You need tae develop a sense of what's going on about you. If it doesn't feel right for whatever reason, swallow yer pride and move off rapid like"

*His voice cuts off, no more pearls of wisdom to follow. It's not hard to imagine he's listening in, waiting for a response to the southern man's question*

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*Evan trudges through the dense rainy forests of central Chernarus, and finds a good tree to make a small fire and sit under the shade as the rain storm passes by.  He picks up his radio and tunes it to the open frequency where he heard the many voices earlier.  He then presses the PTT.*

"Damn, you all are right, I guess with there being no law or proper security, leaving us open free and doing whatever the hell we want.  Since this outbreak has broken civilization, it turns us into monsters and god knows what, I just know that god condemns the monsters you all speak of.  Sociopaths, Psychopaths, Schizophrenics, anyone with mental disorders who are not in a safe haven like a hospital or asylum, escape and what not and live free with no proper help.  Jesus, never knew there are those types of people here as I have met really no one..."

*Evan pauses and thinks about the future, who he could run into, where is safe, and who to trust, and who not to trust.*

"And the mister with the deep scruffy voice, honestly, I am just looking for any life of any kind, and any good that is still left in this condemned god forsaken landscape that I have hid for three years alone.  I don't want to lose my mind and become like those monsters you all were talking about on the walkie, I'm young, and still have hell of a life to live through, and I do not want to live it alone.  I want to still have a sense in humanity and how we all were before hell broke loose, and I do not want to become a monster so help me god..."

*Evan releases the PTT, thinks in deep thoughts, and finally breaks to weeps and moans in the pouring rain, knowing that humanity has come to this after being hidden in remote areas up north for this long, and knowing that many have turned to ferocious beasts with animal instinct to kill, harm, and do bad upon.  The evil ugly truth, is finally revealed to him, yet he knows he must carry on and be prepared for anything.*

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*The PTT is depressed with an electronic beeping, and static fills for a few seconds before Shane's voice comes across, softer spoken this time, his tone relating to the kid on the other end.*

"I hear the voice of a young man. But your words speak volumes of maturity beyond your years."

*The radio is pulled away, and a keen ear may be able to pick out his voice, addressing another.*

"What do ya think, how's those vibes, girlie?"

*Los voice can be indistinctly heard in the background, saying something that was too distorted over the radio to understand, but the tone might sound positive. Shane's voice comes over the airwaves again, clearly.*

"You say you don't want to live it alone. What are you willing to do in order to achieve that?"


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*Evan awakes on the same tree with a smoldering fire by his feet.  He reaches into his coat pocket and sets his frequency.  He begins to answer the question.*

"Honestly mister, I would go through hell and back as I have already seen bits and pieces of the current hell we all live in.  I will do anything to find any remnants of people with proper humanity.  I will fight or even kill if anyone gets in the way of my future goals.  Like you said, I just don't want to live it alone..."

*Evan lets go of the PTT and static rolls through the channel.  His eyes fix on the thousand yard stare as his thoughts are deep in his mind, before he gets up and moves elsewhere in Chernarus.*

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*Static bursts in, and he speaks simply.*

"Zelenogorsk, Tomorrow. Keep this channel open."

*Static cuts out on the frequency.*

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*It'd been days since he'd heard anything on the frequency and the silence had been nagging at him. He knew full well it shouldn't, after all it wasn't his fucking business if some fool kid got himself eaten by cannibles. But that silence just kept weighing a little heavier every day until he found the time to move off from his group, waving off calls for him to return so he could take a moment in some deserted house, raking through the remains of someone's cupboard as he pulled his radio free from his belt, ticking over to the frequency he'd last heard the group talking through and snapping on his PTT*

"Hey, kid. You still alive pal? Not that I'm worrying about you or anything, just curious if your new friends slit yer throat an' left ye for dead"

*He'd release the button, static cutting off and the still unnamed voice letting that silence return as he frowned at his comms. He'd wait barely a moment before settling the radio back on his belt and pushing to his feet with a shake of his head. Kid was probably dead, wasn't his fucking business, those days were long behind him now*

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*Lo continued walking down the uprooted asphalt, careful not to trip as she pulled free her radio from her jacket pocket. She listened to the static voice which softly emitted from the device and waited a moment. Furrowing her brow as she took in the mans words she thought back to Evan whom she had last seen in the barn, and pressed down the PTT speaking with a apathetic voice.*

Hey ... Other other mister... You talking about Evan, right? He's fine. I swear. We hung out for a bit and he had to take care of other matters so we split up. I uh, ...

*She trailed off, sounding lost and unsure shifting the radio from hand to hand the static waxing and waning.*

Yeah, I'm sure he's fine. Shane said he's a capable kid and he'll be okay... Also, we're not some sort of freaks, okay? We're ...normal enough people. We don't try to hurt others. I mean, some times bad things happen and we ... Don't get a choice but ... I like to think we try...

*She paused and released the PTT.*

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*He'd been halfway down the street when the voice had come through and he'd pause, listening to the to the reply with a dry chuckle. He took a second, leaning against the nearest fence before tugging the radio free of it's spot and raising it as he moved, greeting you with the sounds of chain link rattling gently in the wind and the even breathing of a man moving at pace*

"Yeah, Evan. I don't know why I asked, don't know the kid from any other poor bastard out here. I guess you just don't hear many innocent men on the radio anymore"

*He'd pause to consider the words, be it yours or his, pace slowing a moment as he raised the radio to his mouth again, you'd hear him take a breath to speak, then reconsider a second before starting again*

"I believe you. And don't put yersel down over what you have tae do to survive. We all gave up somethin' tae get this far, broke a few oaths or a few heads. It's whether or not you choose tae still be human that's in question"

*He'd release the PTT, the sound on his end cutting off with a snap. He'd take a few more steps before something occurs to him and he'd raise his hand again, static coming over again for a bare moment before he speaks a final time*

"Lee. Call me Lee."

*He'd click off transmit and hang the radio once more, jogging to catch up with his team*

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*Sitting down Lo stretched her legs out in front of her, the gravel crunching under her shoes and legs as the voice rose up from the Radio in her jacket. She pulled it free listening to the man speak, she was about to press down the PTT to respond but hesitated as he spoke a second time. After waiting for a moment she compressed the PTT and spoke in a quiet voice.*

L-lee, huh? That's a interesting name... I've met a Evan, a Max, a Luina, a Layla and a Adam, a Brady, a Morgon, a Dove, and a Taz, ... A Shane ... Lot's of different people, but you're the first Lee. So, I guess that makes you special. 

*She let a halfhearted laugh escape under her breath.*

But it seems, like a lot of them end up ... I don't know, not around. I sometimes see them but sometimes I never see them again... I just hope they're all okay, I'd hate to think something bad happened to them specially if bad people ended up being the cause... I don't want someone thinking I'm a bad person either, you know?

*She stopped for beat, the crackling of static and shuffling could be heard.*

I suppose you're right though, ... Shouldn't feel bad for doing what you have to in order to stay alive, even if it's stuff that's hard to do...

I'm Dolores, by the way. But, if you're a nice person you can call me 'Lo. 

It's a pleasure to meet you, Mr. Lee 'other other' mister-man.

*She released the PTT, getting up from her seat to continue walking down the road.*

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*Evan inserts a new battery into his walkie talkie as he walks down the dirt roads of the northern countryside.  He proceeds to listen to the message.*

"Yeah, I'm alive alright.."

*Evan releases the PTT and trudges through to a nearby town.*

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*His radio would click back on and you'd hear a thunk, like he'd used the hand holding the radio to hit something. If the cursing was anything to go by it was likely the helmet of someone nearby, the voices are low and distant, like he's not talking into the radio but to someone else*

"Give her back her fuckin' bear, you animal. You don't  need the thing and you're just makin' trouble"

*There's a few moments of discussion you don't quite catch before Lee brings the radio back up to speak, you can almost swear you hear his frown as clearly as you do his words*

"Well thank you, I'll take special as a compliment. You sound like you've been busy....We've no seen too many folk about, but in truth I'm thankful for that, for the most part."

*There's a second's pause as he brings the radio to his chest, muffled voices barely audiable and his own a distorted rumble before he raises the radio once more and clears his throat*

"Sorry about that. I figured out pretty quick that someone's always gonna think you're the fuckin' bad guy, no matter what it is yer tryin' to do. And I know how you feel about people, hoping they made it ok, but don't worry so much about what they think of you, as much as what you think of yourself. If you can live with what ye've done, it wasn't all that bad. You sound like a good enough sort"

*His transmit would cut off for a moment, letting the last of the conversation filter on through before he cuts back in, chuckling at the words*

"Well, I dunno that I'd call me a nice man, but I try to be a good one. Pleasure's mine, Dolores. And it's good to hear it kid, try and keep it that way, if ye can"

*And just like that, he's gone again. PTT released with a snap and radio stowed away, letting him get about whatever it was he'd been up to*

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*Lo rolled her shoulders, the weight from walking was causing them hurt and with the sun setting the cold was starting to creep in. Her ears perked when she heard a familiar voice crackle through her jacket pocket. Stopping for a moment she pulled free her radio listening to Lee speak and giving a small smile. Once he was finished, she pressed down her PTT.* 

We? I thought you were all alone, just like Evan and stuff. But I guess you have a friend around? That's nice. I'm missing a lot of my friends right now ... I mean, I have Taz with me but I miss Shane a lot and Dove. But I'm with you on that, the not wanting to meet too many people. I don't ... Sometimes people are scary, you know? 

*She paused for a moment, as if she was contemplating her next few words.*

You sound like you're a nice man, and I think that's a good thing to be. Try  ... Try to stay good, okay? I've seen some  ... Good people do some not so good things and I get worried about them... Do you think that a good person who does bad things can still be called a good person?

*She sounded unsure, and her words may of seemed to hold more weight than she intended, she punctuated her last sentence with a small sigh then continued.*

I just ... I'm worried, about someone and I want to make sure ...  

*She released the PTT slowly.*


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*Lee paused as he heard the familiar hiss of his radio, stepping into cover to work the thing free of his belt and raise it to listen. A chuckle escaping him that's broadcast as he presses his PTT down*

"Alone in all but the physical. It's like herdin' cats trying to keep folk together in this mess. But I hear you, there's a comfort in havin' people about to remind you what's what. But in the end too many is too many. Got a distrust of large crowds, understandably so."

*He'd chuckle again as he released the button, the dry and humourless sound was cut off sharply so he could consider your words, fighting against the frown tugging at the corner of his mouth before re-engaging his broadcast*

"I don't have a choice, I have tae be the best I can, for the people who can't. I made a choice long ago, to be better....And that's one oath I cannae break."

*There's a moment's pause, where you'd hear him moving around as if checking his surroundings before sinking down against the wall he was leaning on into a more comfortable squat*

"Sometimes good men need tae do bad things, to bad people. We've all had to kill someone, whether we wanted tae or not, the difference between a bad man and a good one is that you choose to stop. Choose to do the worst of things only when you have to, when you need to...Yaknow? Even if ye enjoy it...You can still be better if you choose not tae hurt other people for fun"

*He could hear the weight in those words and that frown made it's way to his face, despite every attempt to halt it's progress. He'd consider how to phrase his words before speaking again*

"Just keep an eye on yer friend. Remind him what it is to be a human being....If he's a good man, that'll be enough. If he's not.....Just hope he's a loyal one"

*His transmission would cut again, leaving the airwaves somehow quieter than they'd been before he spoke, no further words said on the matter for now*

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*Evan presses his PTT while setting up a campfire with his cousin and family friend.*

"Well, today was a very screwed up interesting day.  My cousin was kidnapped by religious baptists who took him hostage and baptized him in the Stary church.  He contacts me on radio before it is taken away from him, so I started running down towards the church as I start to hear gospel and screaming.  I attempt to break the door down and finally lose it and use my axe to break the lock.  Then these psycho people tell me to put my hands up and I walk in and they take me hostage too.  The people told us to get in the middle of the church out in the open.  Out of nowhere, five to eight people come and start negotiations and my cousin and I are then in the middle of crossfire.  Bullets are whizzing next to us and we were dodging every one.  My cousin decided to make a run for it but the bandit shot him in the back, but he is okay and healing now.  They rescued him and it was just me in the middle.  One of the bandits, who was defending the church with his "life" charged out saying "CHARGE FOR AFRICA" and killed himself by being mowed down in front of my eyes.  Then one of my rescuers run in and turn the corner and kill the other bandit with a shotgun AT POINT BLANK RANGE!  Blood, brain matter, and limbs were everywhere, and I was freed by my saviors.  They let me have whatever and let me be.  It was hard to comprehend and I am suffering little PTSD from the incident.  This was my first hand experience of what this world is like.  This is insane, but I am thankful my cousin and I got out with our life."

*Evan releases the PTT and starts cooking some beef steak whilst talking with his cousin and friend on plans to do in the morning.*

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