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Sean's Backstory

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Name: Sean 'Meat' Taylor

Clothing/appearance/misc.: Glasses, Red Hoodie, Dark Blue Pants, Black boots, Large Backpack, Knife in left boot, Leather Gloves, Bandage around leg, Stubble.

Hometown: Liverpool

Age: 35

Height: 6'5"

Weight: UNKNOWN.

Hair Colour: Dark Brunette

Pre-Outbreak Profession: Playing video games with his child and building/repairing computers.

Demeanor in Three Words: Friendly, Trustful, Loyal.

Job before the outbreak: A job in building/repairing computers.

** It's a cold night down in the trading point, A man wearing glasses walks towards a group of survivors gathered around the campfire, the man in the glasses lights a cigarette he opens his mouth and says.. **

So.. who's up for a story, come on.. let's have a raise of hands..


Heh, alright, alright, well.. before this whole outbreak I used to live up in the United Kingdom, in a little place called Liverpool.. not the best of places but it's what I called home I was sent here so I could carry on my work, I brought the family, My wife, my son and our dog.. heh, it took the piss getting down here with all the thunder n' stuff but by the time we got here we heard about the infection being spread by.. well.. I've forgot now but all the planes coming here and planes flying away were canceled due to the infection spreading.. fast.

Oh right, I forgot to tell you my name.. how stupid am I?

I'm Sean, most of my friends called me Meat but, I guess you can call me either.. anyway, back to story time, I hired a car to get down to our apartment we were staying in, it was already dark so I couldn't see jack shit, it began to rain and I heard screaming from ahead, I quickly slammed on the breaks an.. and.. one of them crazies.. jumped us, tried biting my wife! Ah bloody hell, the more I think about it.. the more I blame myself for.. no.. it's not my fault.. as soon as I got that crazy away from our car I slammed down and drove as fast I could, that crazy began screaming and shouting, making more of them chase us.. we quickly ran out of gas and were forced to go on foot.. We ran and ran, 'dem crazies didn't stop.. my wife fell on the road.. I just.. didn't look back.. all I heard was.. screams.. and fles.. URGH! It's all my fucking fault I could of helped her up for christ shake..!

..I'm.. sorry about this.. anyway.. me and my son, our dog kept running, my wife slowed them down, most of them.. luckily, we came up to a castle, men were on the towers shooting.. all around.. they killed the crazies behind us and as soon as we ran into the castle they held a gun up to my sons head.. they knocked me out and looted me, they left me for dead.. they took my son I- I.. don't know what happened to the dog but.. I still hear him barking at night.. if.. that still is my dog, next thing I knew I wake up, no map.. no flashlight.. no nothin'.. a man comes into the castle and notices me, I had a bullet hole through my leg 'cus them people thought it'd be funny slowin' me down or summin'.. but that man.. he helped me out.. he picked me up, took me to his base.. bandaged me.. he even gave me all of this gear.. but then there was a shot from the distance, the man.. had a bullet hole right through his eye.. I step back, falling into a open car down, I quickly jump into the car and start it up, driving away.. far.. away.. a few days later, I have a tent.. campfire you know what happens? I'm sleeping and some survivor takes my gear.. Bad luck strikes again, 'ey? Haha.. all I have is a note from that guy saying sorry.. a pistol with a clip in it and a can of beans.. I get up and I pick up the pistol, aiming it in my mouth.. I pull the trigger and "CLICK!" it's empty.. the bastard didn't even give me a full magazine.. I then get out of my tent and start run.. I ran and.. ran and I end up here, at the trading point and here I am now, looking for some useful items and a plane ride home.. Hah..

.// Hey uh, thanks for lookin' at my backstory, yeah sorry if it ain't the best.. c;

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I liked it. Just make a new paragraph every 7 sentences or so.

I know, just that I ain't the best with backstorys. ;c

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I really enjoyed reading that. You doubt yourself too much it was a good back story in my opinion.

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I really enjoyed reading that. You doubt yourself too much it was a good back story in my opinion.

Thanks. c;

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