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Kazimir Ekk

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Name: Kazimir Ekk

Age: 26

Height: 6' 2"

Weight: 143 lbs

Hair: Brown

Eyes: Green

Pre-Outbreak Profession: Russian Soldier

Demeanor in Three Words: Ruthless, determined, fair

Welcome friends, please take a seat and I will tell you my story.

My name is Kazimir Ekk.

I'm sure you're all wanting to know a little about me. As you can probably tell by name I am Russian, so take that as a warning. I take no prisoners, when the apocalypse broke out I was brought here as part of the Russian Ground Forces to try and contain the infection. As you all know our efforts failed miserably. Now the Russian Armed Forces refuse to return here in order to return us to our families.

Now I'm on my own again, on the search for my comrades so that I can return home. I'm sure some of my comrades are still out there, if they're anything like me they will survive this infection.

Now friends, I must leave you. I have things to be getting on with, if you wish to help me or find out a little more then you'll have to find me somewhere around Chernarus. Even though I say I take no prisoners, if you show no threat to me then I will no show a threat to you.

Goodbye my friends.

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Guest sean micheal

i like hope i dont run into you :)

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Guest Alfie

All I recommend is that your name isn't Dmitri or Resnov, or Vlad, or any typical Russian name.

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