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Guest johannes

Peter Walters (introduction of my character)

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Guest johannes

Hi, this is how i would like to play my character. If you have any helpful suggestions I would be very happy to hear them :D


Name: Peter Walters

Age: 23

Height: 191cm

Weight: 90kilo

Hair: brown

Eyes: blue

languages: English, German, a little Russian

Pre-Outbreak Profession: Sportclimbing

Demeanor in Three Words: vigilant, ambitious, faithful

Present goal: find his brother (another player)


Hm..? You wonna know where I am from? What I did before all this happened? Well... sit down at the campfire, take another bowl of beans and relax, I will tell you my story:

"Before the infection spread out I was a sport student in Austria. I loved sport climbing together with my brother, Jack Walters. Once we decided to go to Chernarus for vacation, there is a spot, Green Mountain, which is famous for the beautiful cliffs there. It is known as a paradise for climbers, but when we sat in the airplane we didn't know that we would arrive at hell.

When we arrived on the airfield we realized something was wrong. We saw soldiers and tanks everywhere and even helicopters were in the air. When they explained the situation to me, my first impression was, to go back. Unfortunately they canceled all flights as long as this situation will remain. They also told me that the infection spread out very quickly, the illness was only known for two days and it already escaladed.

Suddenly something terrible happened. One of the military helicopters crashed into the airfield and killed a few soldiers. They first tried to bring the fire into their control, but when the first burning zombies attacked them they started, filled with fear, to shoot their weapons uncontrolled. It was terrifying how fast the infection took over. All the dead bodies stood up again and rose as enemies. The fight escalated very fast and in this chaotic situation I lost my brother Jack. A few Russian soldiers took me away and brought me to car. There wasn't enough time and everything went to fast, so I couldn't wait and look for my brother. I didn't know that I would betray this decision later.

The situation in Chernarus wasn't better. I helped out as a soldier, learned how to shoot and helped them building barricades against the zombies. I stayed there for 2 or 3 weeks waiting for my brother, but he didn't arrived. So I took some food a map and a compass to go out and find my brother. If he is still out there and alive, I will find him. "

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