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Guest erezo

Help me Find my Friend

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Guest erezo

Name: Erez

Age: 35

Language: hebrew, english

Occupation before Event: Ex-Solider in the IDF undercover unit

Post-Event skills: shooting skills.

Personality: friendly, loyal, fair.

Like: comfort, stability, safety.

Dislike: violence, liars.

Weapons of choice: tactics, tavor.


Hi, my name is Erez, I grew up in israel for most of my life , in age 18 i started to serve my country at the IDF in a secret unit there I have met this guy who became my best friend until this day (17 years), his name his orhay and when the outbreak it has hit his wife and his family and today I am trying to find him.

It all started When my friend joined a commercial entity that started developing some kind of antidote that was meant to recover wounds and cure viruses. At that time it seemed a good idea........ Then stuff went out of control ,An outbreak occurd every one started dying In that factory ,problem was they didnt stay dead and it started spreading beyond the factory They became this things that have hunger for human flesh well you probly know them as zombies. I have heard that my friend was sent here in order to stop this outbreak, the problem is that he cant do it for himself so I came here to Chernu in order to help. so here I am trying to find my best friend Orhay , And hopefully both of us somehow can prevent the mess that cormical company has started.

Maybe those who are reading this could help me find Orhay.

watch out for ur selfes and trust no one!

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Guest ShipStreeT

its a story for the whitelist :P

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