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Tim's story

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Hello There!

This is a bit modified version of the story that got me whitelisted-Hope you enjoy.

Name: Tim Smith (Tim in game)

Age: 26.

Skills: Hunting, medical, good physical conditon.

Knowledge: Basic medicine, Military training.

Traits: Trustworthy, Helpfull, Good aim.

Previous occupation: Medic in the Panthera Mountain Corp (PMC)

Favourite weapons: Revolver, L85 Acog.

Tim was born and raised on an island called Panthera. He always liked hiking in the mountains, hills and forests of Panthera so he was in good shape throughout his entire life . His father was a hunter so he learned how to use a rifle at an early age . His mother was a nurse so she tought him about medicine and first aid.

At the age of 18 those skills came in handy when he and his cousin Mark went out hunting and got attacked by the Rebels of Panthera. The Rebels shot at them, hit his cousin in the stomach and Tim in the leg. His quick thinking and good aim saved both of their lives. Tim grabbed his cousin's hunting rifle even though he was in agonising pain and shot at the Rebels-killing them. Tim bandaged himself and Mark and carried his comrade down to the valley to hospital.

He later joined the Panthera mountain corp and he was given the job a medic. Soon after the Army organised an attack on the Rebel facility on the South West part of Panthera Island. In the attack half of his squad got wounded or killed because of a sniper in the hills. Then he raised his trusty L85 and shot the sniper in the head from over 500m. Then despite enemy fire from across the field he rescued his fallen-but alive comrades and put them into safety. He was awarded with a Panther cross for his courage in battle against the rebels.

When the infection began on the island it fell into total anarchy- The rebels have risen up again. In several days 80% of its population got killed/infected. He was a part of the crumbling army that wanted to save the non infected people on Panthera Island. They organised a evacuation plan to get the survivors out by plane and transport them to safety.

About 200 survivors including Tim and his cousin were on the first plane but sadly the Aircraft got sabbotaged by the Rebels. To make things worse Infected got on the plane. The aircraft got overrun and was going to crash into the ocean. After a shooting against the Walking Dead Tim and Mark found a parachute storage . But there Tim done something that he was not proud of. He saw a middle aged man putting on one of the two Parachutes left in the storage. He looked into the man's eyes and without hesitation pulled out his revolver- putting a bullet in his brain.

Tim took the parachute from the man's body and put it on himself. After he and Mark put them on they skydived out of the burning aircraft. While skydiving Tim couldn't stop thinking about the man he just murdered. He saw some sort of land and at that moment he pulled the chute but it didn't want to open. He tried desperately but with no Luck. He started praying to God and suddenly the reserve chute opened- but too late. He hit the ocean really hard and lost consciouness.

Then Tim woke up on the shores of Chernarus/Taviana not knowing what was the fate of his cousin or the other survivors on that plane.

Sorry if I made some Grammar errors- I'm not a native english speaker. :)

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