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The Professor

The Professor's story

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Name: Dr. Johann Tyler (Only known as The Professor)

Age: 25

Height: 5' 11" (180cm)

Weight: 165 lbs (75Kg)

Hair: Black

Eyes: Green

Pre-Outbreak Profession: Virologist

Demeanor in Three Words: Smart, friendly, analytical.

My name is Dr. Johann Tyler, specialist in Virology.

I worked for a secret organization called D.E.A.D.

It was founded in Chernarus, immediately after the rising of the new virus and the only task was, to find a cure and stop this nightmare. Easier said than done.

Everything worked on schedule, we got experimental objects and thereby fresh samples. The moral of my team was high, everybody was sure that we would go down the history of science as heroes. We were so naive.

The virus was completely different than everything else we worked with before. It was a race against the time. The longer we worked on it, the more people fell victim to this plague.

Everything seemed so insubstantial. Every minute were new to hear, which reported of cities and whole country areas, extinguished by the virus.

The world we knew, was lost.

The following months, the area surrounding our secret base were overrun by the undead and the D.E.A.D. supply-team got more and more trouble to provide us with provisions.

Continuously the deliveries were delayed and stopped finally. We were left on our own.

The next weeks we had to try to produce the cure with less and less material. It still seemed feasible. After the last radio signal extinguished, desperation spread among us.

Suicide was all of a sudden part of our agenda. Most of them just saw no purpose anymore, lost everything, family, property, life.

But that does not apply to me. I kept the rest of my team together, as good as I could and we worked obsessively on the medicine. However, I couldn’t prevent that my formerly team, containing of 20 people, was decreased to three in only five days.

But then, something unbelievable happened, because after all the hard, by grief and distress plagued months, we were standing before our revelation.

But our delight left us quickly, for we ran out of the necessary resources to test the serum.

But some hours later, a small group of survivors were caught at the sight of our hidden cameras. A severe controversy about how to react to them, arouse between us. On one hand, we could help them, on the other, we could ignore them. Bu I, I just saw them as optimal experimental objects to finally test the cure. My recommendation encountered strict protest, but in contrast, I had the whole D.E.A.D. security on my side and so it didn’t took long, until they all knuckled under my verdict.

So we caught the survivors, brought them into our lab, infected them with the virus and served the serum afterwards.

As expected, four of the five experimental objects died and it didn’t took long until they resurrected. By this failure, my team began to revolt and I knew exactly what they wanted to do. They wanted to destroy the last sample of our hard work. But it was too precious and I had no other choice, so I killed them. It was my very first time killing somebody and since this moment, I felt nothing anymore.

While the security guards disposed the corpses of my co-workers, I injected the last surviving experimental object the cure. And something incredible happened: after it died within a few minutes, it stayed dead.

I achieved to inhibit the virus to revive the dead organism.

It was just my medical breakthrough.

After this exhausting day I could really sleep since a long time.

But my granted triumph didn’t last long.

The following day, I observed the odd behaviour of one of the guards.

He began, to speak with the captured infected.

He noticed me as I walked towards him and mumbled: ‘They suffer…You let them suffer here but they want to help us.’

I will never forget this sentence and how he looked at me. The pure madness, dancing in his eyes.

He walked slowly to me and said: ‘it’s no virus, no plague, no doom. It is our salvation.’

And with a quick strike he shattered the glass of the emergency unlocking and unleashed the undead from their cells. ‘ALLOW THEM TO REDEEM YOU! IT IS A PRESENT! TAKE IT!’ was he screaming.

A deafening noise rang out and panic spread quickly. We had to evacuate the whole facility and save the cure by bringing it to our emergency basis for further development.

Me and all remaining D.E.A.D. employees ran as fast as we could to the hangar, to load everything required into the plane. While the turbines got started, security guards sacrificed themselves to enable a secure escape for us and it didn’t take long until we were in the air and flew over the utterly dead land. We felt secure again, between all the clouds.

But everything should change, when we crossed the sea overnight.

all of a sudden, screams came through the cockpit. Nobody had noticed that the co-pilot was bitten and he hadn’t told anybody.

And this negligence became our fate.

The pilot was bitten right away and lost control over the plane.

I unstrapped myself and grasped a lifeboat, while we fell towards the water.

Everybody else was just sitting there, they were under shock.

As I saw the water out of the windows and it started to enter the cabin, I teared the emergency exit open. A surge of water splashed towards me and I just pulled the sting of the small yellow package. The inflating boat pulled me to the surface and I could save myself on it.

So far I could tell, nobody else could accomplish that und was either drowned or eke out a life as undead underwater.

I had luck, but now I was on this small yellow rubber boat, alone with my backpack.

It took me many hours to realize what happened.

The cure was lost and my last hope broke.

After several weeks on the sea, travelling wherever the current will take me, it became clear for me, that I, in the end, became a monster myself, maybe even a bigger one than these walking dedad.

Somewhen, I don’t even remember how much time has gone by until then, I awake out of my dim condition, because the boat thumped. It was stranded against a pier. I climbed up with my remaining strength and was standing on safe concrete. And I identified the seaport.

It was Chernogorsk. Since this moment, I let my old self die for my actions and I was reborn as The Professor.

I'll live another life than before, now.

//I hope you enjoy my little story and remember, critique is wanted.

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I enjoyed reading this. Just a personal preference but i would focus a bit more on your life before the outbreak, such as faimily and things that shaped your personality. However i enjoyed the english presented in this thread

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I enjoyed reading this. Just a personal preference but i would focus a bit more on your life before the outbreak, such as faimily and things that shaped your personality. However i enjoyed the english presented in this thread

Thank you for your kind words I'll add some more information about my character's personality maybe even some more information about the organization(D.E.A.D) he worked for.

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