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Charlie (Maximus) Duffosse - My story

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Here is my story for the whitelist / Character sorry it's long :)

Name: Charlie (Maximus) Duffosse

Age: 29

Nationality : English / British

Born: 11th November 1983 – Mile End London

Charlie is a professional mixed martial fighter that started his average normal life in the south east coast of England. From a young age Charlie was strong in all areas of sports and was always being picked as the star in the school teams, which come with lots of attention from the girls.

Right through his teens things never seem to trouble him even after a spell in the local police station for a fighting in the school playing fields. What they didn’t understand is that he was protecting a young pupil from the bullies, oh well the bullies still got the worst of the injuries.

18th October 2003

Age 18 was a life changer for Charlie as he was on a train bound for his first proper job interview in London, he was excited and very nervous at the same time. London is where all the fame and fortune could be made and the cars, girls, and riches could be at his fingertips.

That’s when it all slipped out of reach.

Charlie thinks to himself while counting the stops on the train

CHARLIE: This is epic only 10 more minutes and I am off this stinky train and into the land of money, Simon will drop his balls when he sees me get my first car.

“Something strange is going on with the lad wearing a hood up on the train”

Noises start to come from the seats on the left.

OLD LADY: Sorry (as she steps on someone’s shoes as she sits down)

YOUNG LAD: you want to watch yourself you silly old goose, you touch me again and make sure you don’t stand again.

As the old lady starts to cry fearing for what could happen, another passenger challenges the young lad.

PASSENGER: Did I hear what you just said you little shit, who you think you are talking to the lady like that. You should pick on someone your own size.

With that the young lad slumps in his chair and pretends he didn’t see the guy, and the situation seems to be finished.

CHARLIE: At last the next stop is mine and I can get to this interview and make some serious moooonnniiieesss, but wait what’s that going on out there?????

As he gets off the train he noticed the young lad earlier talking to some bigger guys pointing at the train carriage he was just sitting on. Then all hell breaks loose as the guys run on the train and grabs the guy that challenged the young guy about 10 minutes before. After some serious amount of abuse the guys drag the poor guy of the train and start to beat him relentlessly.

CHARLIE: This is bullshit; I can’t stand it when all he did was shut that goby little shit up,

Then out of know where Charlie runs in the group dragging and punching his way to the victim of the assault and shields him from incoming attacks. At last some space opens up and Charlie can see that some of the attackers have stepped back trying to catch their breath, now was time to get some hits in and get us out of this carnage.

With that Charlie lands a perfect uppercut to the first guys stomach followed by a brutal right hook , the guy crumbles to the floor , that was it a fire had been lit and nothing was putting it out. After a few minutes it was all over and 2 more guys were on the floor rolling around in pain and the remainder of the attackers had fled, Charlie was sitting on the bench holding his head and out of breathe released something was not right.

He passes out

London Hospital Whitechapel

When he woke up the doctor had told Charlie the police was outside and wanted to have a chat, feeling massively confused he agreed and they told him what happened after the fight.

The police office explains that they had pieced together the events that took place that day, they told him he passed out from a stab wound to the back as he waded into the fight to help the victim. The first officer told him he was amazed on how he was still alive and continued to fight as long as he did. Witness statements and CCTV had shown the officers it was 5 vs 1 and Charlie went in without any thought for safety for himself. It turns out the guy he was went to help was a local fight promoter on his way to finalise a venue for the up and coming MMA UK championships. He was fairly unharmed as he was a trained fighter and took a defensive position; he had requested to visit Charlie when he was awake. Charlie didn’t see any issues with that.

Hey Charlie how you feeling mate? A voice across the room booms out.

Charlie: I am good thanks just few more days I get to get out of here,

Robert: That’s good to hear, My name is Robert but you can call me Rob, I can’t thank you enough for helping me out the other day. I was in some serious shit and had no way out, I owe you big time.

Charlie: No problem, I can’t stand it when it’s not fair fight and the red mist took over hahaha,

Robert: Well I can say you have got some mad skills and I think you can be a pro fighter with that natural talent. If you want I can put you in touch with some guys and see what you think.

Charlie: I got to admit I did love the feeling of the fight and if I can make serious cash then I give it a go.

Robert: Ok mate I have your back this time and I owe you so you just rest up and get better, I will be in touch.

So that was it, Charlie has been fighting ever since

His name,

Maximus (due to the loyal, fierce nature his fighting style)

14th May 2013 Another twist to the tale

Charlie and Rob have been good pals and business partners since the “situation” at the train station, since then then it has been an exciting and emotional time. Charlie has finally earned a shot at the world title.

The date has been set for the World Title fight and Charlie cannot wait any longer, this has been his main focus for the last 10 + years, no wife no children it’s all been about the big fight. His trainers from team focus believe extra training will be just what he needs to ensure total victory.

So here we go says rob, we have just had a call from the head coach of the Russian MMA team the Spartans, they have offered a 2 week training camp to help get you ready for the fight.

18th May 2013 the journey

Charlie and the team are on board a commercial jet on the way to Moscow with the full intention of meeting up with the Spartans.

Sometimes life can be cruel

Charlie hates flying and has taken some strong sleep tablets so he can miss as much of the flight as possible. He is woken up by a loud bang and shaking, he looks around to see there is a hole in the side of the plane and seats missing, rob is either sleeping hard or knocked out and the rest of the team have gone. Charlie can see the sea through the hole and its coming up fast, he decides to try getting up and jumping out as its better than be strapped in to a sinking piece of metal

Not sure what the date is now

Charlie wakes up but has a floating feeling?? A few minutes later he comes round fully to see he is being carried on a stretcher towards some green tents.

What the fuck is going on!!!!!! Where am I , what the hell is that noise !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

To be continued. …………………………………

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This a short brief notes on what's happening after the crash.

New Beginnings for Charlie Maximus Duffosse - First day out in Chernogorsk

A few days after being picked up on a stretcher and taken to what can be seen as a makeshift medi tent, Charlie has woken up all groggy and tries to see where he is. The strange thing is no army/staff/doctors are around and most of the equipment has been destroyed or removed.

After 20 minutes and full vision restored Charlie decides it’s time to get out of the little town, He finds some army looking clothes with hat and grabs some leftover food and drinks.

Only 1 option now

Travelling along the coast Charlie comes across what seems to be a empty city which has a store,hospital,church and 2 fire stations. Must be some stuff to help me in get away from this carnage. After sometime searching and scavenging all the easily accessible buildings Charlie has got himself a Makarov with ammo and a classic Lee Enfield rifle with 30 rounds. On the last attempt to get some extra food a crazy looking man pushed open the doors and lashed out, his vision went all fuzzy and a buzzing sound in his ears, looking down Charlie spots bloody from a open wound.

That was it survival instinct kicks in he runs across the street then across the farmers field and finds a barn.

He manages to use one of the medical supplies (bandage) and he stops the bleeding, he is not out of the woods yet and can only wait until a morning where he can look for assistance.

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After some time waiting around charlie decides it time to move on up the coast in hope to find someone.

Loud gun shots ring out from the town but seems only in one direction, unlike a full on gun battle. Maybe there are people that need help or can help? He runs to the nearest tree and finds across the distance some people running from what looks like a train of the undead things.

The two people run to the direction where charlie is crouched, it was this time when things looked up as one was a doctor. Doc Brent a former GP checked charlie over and give him some well needed blood. The other guy who spoke no real English then disappeared, seems he was helping the doc leave town.

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It’s been around a week since the chance run in with the good doctor and the stranger, Charlie has been walking along the coast avoiding the dead things. He has now seen to much not to understand what's happening and why no people are around the towns.

All of a sudden a car goes by and looks to be slowing down towards the port just up ahead, Charlie decides to pick up pace and run towards the parked car.

It turns out the car belonged to a group of survivors call The Outpost Rangers, this group had gained contact with other groups of survivors and was looking along the coast for anything non dead. Skipping over some boring details Charlie was accepted into the group called T.O.R and was handed a camera, this was his main duty to document the current events. The main reason for this to show the world that human can live and the zeds can die.

The story continues at

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Just to continue the story while the video document is being sorted.

It's been some time now since Charlie arrived in the infected place called Chernogorsk, so much has changed since those first dayz.

The main difference is Charlie attitude and the love for life has now turned to a dark and cold icy feeling. He has seen so much unnecessary evil committed by other survivors on the weak and needy, away from the zeds trouble things are not looking good.

He has been running with a group called [TOR] The Out Post Rangers who have been trying to create and locate more people that need help. There is now an alliance with two other groups dedicated to helping others, there are called "The Trinity".

Still the situation seems to take one step forward and two steps back, bandits still arrive with the intention of robbing and killing each other. Progress is hard work Charlie reminds himself that this is the best way.

It may be time for the Trinity Alliance to adjust the views and ways of working or things may never change.

Charlie has the biggest fight on his hands, will the Warrior known as "Maximus" win the internal fight and push Charlie into a battle once more.

The chants in his head start again "Maximus, Maximus, Maximus"

The warrior inside is nearly winning the internal fight to go make things better with force.

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[/color][/font]It’s been 6 weeks since the plane crash that landed Charlie on these god forsaken lands, the zombies,death,infection,starvation,weather has taken all hope. He has learned a lot from shooting to scavenging and even some basic medical skills. The main change has been within Charlie and he has given up all hope of finding a safe haven to start a fresh, it’s time to take a chance and try to leave the island.

A lot has changed and not for the better, Charlie has meet friendly and helpful people on his travels but also seen some horrific scenes, the saying comes to mind “what has been seen cannot be unseen” The hatchet fight in the early days had the biggest impact as he could not understand how humans can be that way. Coming across the house where a family died together from the infection, nothing could be done apart from burning the bodies.

He walks along the coast he comes across a small boat that looks like it could do with some care and repair. He approaches with caution as nothing is safe and everything must be checked, he hears a noise coming from the rear of the boat so he prepares to be confronted. A pale looking man with a ginger curly handlebar moustache shrieks in fear and runs to the docks, he runs from the boat and hides in a busted up office.

After some time Charlie and the man with the moustache (who we now know as jimmy) sit and talk for a while and decide they can help each other. The plan is to fix the boat and attempt to leave chernogorsk on the search for a better place.

It took another 5 days to find all the scrap metal and engine parts to get the little boat going, with the fully fuelled up and enough supplies, the little engines starts and they are off.

No one knows what will happen next but hopefully there is life that without the zeds.

The little boats plods of into the distance ………………………………

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I thought you arrived via military boat crash

IC- Maximus Gold is the son of a wealthy Gold trader from back in the UK. He finds himself on the beach of chernogorsk after the military scout ship he hitched a ride on crashed.

//+1 For gold traders. Lets go sift the rivers for profit

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I thought you arrived via military boat crash

IC- Maximus Gold is the son of a wealthy Gold trader from back in the UK. He finds himself on the beach of chernogorsk after the military scout ship he hitched a ride on crashed.

//+1 For gold traders. Lets go sift the rivers for profit

That was my new character arrival to the cherno beach.

New character Maximus Gold

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