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My story in chernarus

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Hello guys, here's my attempt at story for my character.

Name: Meejano Colts

Also Known As: Meejano

Age: 22

Languages: English

Eyes: Dark Brown

Hair: Black

Pre-Apocalypse occupation: College Student

Background story:

I was the only son to Michael Colts and Merriam Colts. I was born in England but raised in Chernarus as my father was sent here after the Chernarus civil war. Dad as a military officer was a strict man and mom was just an ordinary housewife. We would move from one place to another in Chernarus as dad got transferred from one camp to another.

As an army brat, i was taught to never give up on anything and that the world is there for the taking and with that attitude i grew up and was able to get admitted into the University of Cherno. I was famous there and was once nominated as the most outgoing person in campus. I guess my parents has successfully raise their child.

It was the last day on the final exam and i was going back home from a party held in a barn just on the outskirt of the city and i notice something strange about the city, it was eerily silent and empty. Then i hear a moan and grunge from one of the alley. I silently crept around to find out and saw a man limping towards me. I kept staring at him until at one point i notice that one of his leg was missing. I panicked and run from the place to my dorm.

In the morning, i woke up and noticed that the dorm was silent which is very odd. I carry on with my morning routine and head to the street to get my breakfast. It was when i was about to open the door to the street that i notice a man with blood leaking from his mouth and saw some bodies are lying on the streets. I couldn't make up my minds on whats happening and start running back to my room so i turn on the radio find out what had happen but only static coming out of the radio. In curiosity, i started to pack my things into my backpack and go out to the street to find out.

I saw a guy just across the street and started to approach him. As i was approaching, he turned his head and to my shock his face was covered in blood and his nose was missing. In panic i run as fast as i could away from the city. I didn't stop running until i reach the shoreline near a highway to the city. I stopped and thought that what i had seen in the movies were becoming reality.

With some supplies in my backpack and the skills my dad taught me, i was determined to find more survivors like myself and find out what is the reason for the breakdown.

That is my base story for my character and for my whitelist app. Comments and feedback from you guys is very appreciated.

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