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Name: James David

Age: 19

Height: 5"8

Hair: Blonde

Eyes: Blue

Pre-Outbreak Profession: An ex-Combat Medical Technician for the RIR

I, James, like many before me, was once a part of her Majesty's army in the UK, more specifically Northern Ireland. Active duty for one year, then, gone.

It became obvious near the end of my first year that all was not as it seemed, we began receiving orders. I couldn't believe it, It was like the government knew something before we did. It was like they foresaw the shadows of darkness approaching months before they arrived.

We received more ammo, more rations, more armour and more....orders than before. I was there, I was there when we marched into hospitals and just.... I couldn't, I can't. We were supposed to protect the civilians! The outbreak hadn't even started yet! How could we be ordered to do this?

I couldn't, I ran, left the country, I was scared, if they did that to innocent civilians who were in hospitals; the old, the young, the weak... What would they do to me? A deserter, a traitor. I left for a country, relatively peaceful, more peaceful than the happenings back at home anyway. Chernarus.

Living in a peaceful shack, in a peaceful land, in a peaceful corner of the world for myself, I was still tormented by the memories of my former life, watching those people be executed one by one. But for a few months, I was happier than before.

Then it began, and the world, truly, went to hell.

Now I live my life to try and help others, being part of a mercenary corps to keep safe. Hopefully I won't have to get my hands dirty. I will kill the dead and I will kill those who harm the innocent without cause. I hope my mercenary corps, does not become like the others.

//Hope you guys like it, any feedback will be much appreciated and I might use this with my whitelist request, If it is good enough.

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