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Xiborg's Backstory

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Hello there! My name is Chris and I this is my background story, If anyone has any suggestions on how to improve it that would be awesome, well any feedback would ;D

Name: Chris Jones

Age: 18

Height: 5' 6"

Occupation: Student

I was born in Leeds in the United Kingdom, I lived in a small semi detached house with my mother and father until when I was the age of 13 my mother passed away unexpectently from breast cancer, We never saw it coming and it threw my father into a deep depression, he used to always say how he'd take his own life just to be with her again and to feel the warmth of her smile one again. My father is a medical scientist, he always say how he wants me to grow up and get into a job like him however I never think I'll ever live up to his expectations, I've never really expected to live upto anything.

A few years ago when I turned 15 my father decided that we should move into a smaller house well... it was more of a bungalow but he always said that he'd save up and buy us somewhere nice to live however we never really needed the space with my mother gone. One day he said to me that he needed to have a chat, he told me that I'd be going to stay with my grandparents for a while as he needed to go away, he said that there had been an outbreak of a disease that had never been seen before, people becoming zombified and turning to attacking other humans and... eating them. He said that it would all be fine and that he'd be back in a few years and he'd be famous if he ever found the cure for this new disease, I foolishly in my young teenage years believed him and never really thought about it and only waited for his return.

He was flown out to Chernarus and for the first few weeks I would manage to recieve a letter from him but then they stopped arriving, he'd told me about how hard it was down there in the base how there was little food to go around and life was hard but my father is a determined man and he wanted to find that cure so badly, It could have just been because of the money involved but I think my father would have more respect than that!

Now three years on I saw on the news about how the research centre where he had been spending the years had been destroyed with no survivers, I didn't belive a word of it and I knew that my father must still be out there somewhere, I needed to go and find him, I needed to know the truth, I found that all return flights from chenaurus were stopped in an attempt to harbour the infection from spreading, I knew that once I left there was no turning back. I got on the flight ready to find the only surviving parent that I had left.[/color]

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