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Shaun's Story

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My Name is Shaun Homeward, i am a 24 year old from Perth Western Australia. I had traveled to Russia after my parents had moved there for work, they had also taken my little brother with them. I couldn't wait to see them!!! :D. My little brother had suggested we go on a camping trip out in the mountains where him and his school friends had gone once, so we organised all our gear and bam took dads SUV and headed into the Forrest. It was a little place called Tapolka Dam or in Russian Дамба "Тополька", my brother had told me the name derived from the Russian word "Öld". When we arrived there were some other people staying in the camp grounds around us, one family had an RV. We set up our tent and a small fire, we had 2 fishing lines in the water (Not much was biting except the mosquito). We just talking about family stuff and had a couple of drinks (no parents around), Then we had a bit of an early night as i was still tired from driving.

It wasn't until the morning i realized i had not taken TP with us for the weekend, so i left my brother at camp to see if he had better luck than the night before at catching a fish! On the way into the camp grounds a noticed a little town with Crapoe on the sign which was Staroye in englsih, it was only a 10-15 minute drive. When i get there it was eerie and dead quiet...I opened the door and the bell rang, i looked around and said hellllooooo. But no one came? I decided to grab what i had come for and leave the change on the counter, as i put the money down ROARRRRRRR this horrible BEAST jumped up at me from behind the counter. Unlike anything i had seen before!

I ran out the shop and to the car, but it wouldn't start! Now there were 2 or 3 of them walking towards me, walking weird side to side. I got out of the car and ran back towards the camp site...eventually losing the beasts or demons or whatever they were, by weaving in and out of trees and hiding.

I made it back to camp with not much breath, it was dead quiet. No one around...The fire was still going and there was a fishing line in the water. I looked around and yelled for ages trying to find my little brother, but i could not see him anywhere!?!?!

The family staying a couple of camp sites away, who had a motor home that was gone too. My only hope is that they had taken him with them to safety...So now i am surviving on the hope my little brother is OK.

After a long time of searching and moving through towns, i have little hope of finding him or the rest of my family...But i will keep looking!

I am a friendly person, and will help out anyone in the same situation as i know how it feels to lose people you love!

This is Chernarus!


I have never written anything like this before ha ha :S

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Guest Alfie

//ooc Awesome! At first I thought it would be something about a sheep called Shaun ( trolls be trolls ) , but I liked it, original too, in my opinion ;D!

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