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Michel Acker

My Skin..

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I can´t use my skin! I donated and buyed the skin, when I activated it I joined of the servers and I did not waer the skin! Mhm I tried to activate it a few times but when I leave the Inventory and go back it always is not activated! Everytime I activated it I was offline or in the server-lobby! I don´t know what to do pls help me and thank you for you´re answers

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Go in your Arma 2 OA profile and double-check the PID there. Thrn, verify if the one in the donation exchange and the one from Arma are the same. If not, ask for a PID reset (in the reset thread, stickied ij the Troubleshooting section. Can't add the link right now as I'm not on my computer)

If you need further assistance, feel free to ask below!

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